Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Grateful Christmas

I heard the remark several times at church on Christmas Eve, "Christmas must be really exciting at your house!", and I wasn't exactly sure what the person meant.  Did they mean because we had "a lot" of little kids that would be up at the crack of dawn jumping up and down, begging to open piles of presents?  Well, that's not exactly how it happened.  We have lovely children who wait until a reasonable hour to rise and gave us until 8am until we meandered our way downstairs.  Sweet little darlings. I am sure it helped that they were up late the night before so they slept in. 

We had a nice hearty breakfast of chocolate eggnog, bacon, egg and cheese muffins and a big glass of carrot juice to wash all the grease down.
Maybe those people meant that mountains of wrapping paper and trash all over the floor was exciting.  I don't really think it is.  But I was grateful.  We had really planned a very simple Christmas with gifts I actually purchased at a rummage sale that I knew the kids would love but didn't cost much.  We were pretty strapped for money since we just had to put out a lot recently for Patrick's move so the simplicity was more out of necessity.  However 2 weeks ago we came home from church and were surprised to find a big pile of wrapped presents with all our children's names on them which, although they had no "from" label, we are positive came from our church.  Now we certainly didn't need them but it was such a blessing to feel so loved and thought of in that way since we had just been though a very difficult time.  Needless to say, the kids were very excited since we had prepped them that it would be a very simple Christmas.  We hadn't even planned on buying a tree, yet 3 weeks ago someone else gave us a gorgeous 8 foot tree that had been unneeded from a local business office.

So lots of fun presents were received with much thanksgiving.
Clothes that had to be put on right away.
 P.J.'s from grammy that are always just a "tad" too big.
A new little train set for Asher.
Even simple handmade gifts from the siblings to each other were much appreciated.
The most exciting gift this year was a large set of Playmobils from the grandparents.  The kids have loved playing with these toys with their favorite babysitters and were very excited to have some of their own.  I know they will get hours and hours of use.
To be honest, Christian and I had just as much fun putting them all together yesterday as well.  I love how these types of toys encourage the use of their imagination.

Thanks Grammy and Pop-Pop and Grammy and Granda.

So yes, I guess it was an exciting morning at our house!  We have much to be thankful for.  The least of which are the presents the most being our loving family, caring friends and church and the greatest gift of Immanuel, God with us.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Isn't wonderful, how Our Heavenly Father surprises us, when we don't expect it? You had prepared the children to be happy and not expect gifts. I'm sure it was a blessing to the ones who gave too. I'll be anxious to see you next Saturday. I'm looking forward to your delicious sweet potato dish you make.

  2. Little Asher looked sooo darling in his new sweat shirt. And all the children looked unexpectedly happy with their gifts. Your children take such good pics.
    We pray for many blessings and health in the year 2011.
    My Pastor told us last Sunday that JS Bach used to sign his music with SDG Solo Deo Gloria-Glory only to God. And that is what you do in all your writing.

  3. I'll never forget the year we were so financially strapped when our guys were little. We had bought them one small gift each. They looked pretty sad sitting under the tree, but then our neighbor showed up with a large bag of gifts for them, it was such a surprise and a blessing. The guys had just as much fun trying to figure out were the gifts came from as they did with the gifts (we didn't ever tell them who gave them). God is so good and even without the extra gifts He is good. So glad we had a chance to chat yesterday.

  4. Ahhh! I love these pictures! I don't have little ones at home any more. I remember how much fun it used to be on Christmas morning.

    I'm glad you all had such a blessed Christmas.


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