Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Burried in Books

I don't know what is going on lately but recently it seems as if we are being showered with blessings.  I was asked recently by an acquaintance, who was a former homeschooler whose kids were all grown, if I wanted to stop by her house and go through some of her old books to see if I could use any.  I would never pass up free books so yesterday on our way home from the library we stopped in to look.  I was expecting maybe one or two boxes to go through and come home with a few that I could actually use.  Was I ever surprised when she took my into their office and basically just pointed to the bookcases and said to pick whatever I wanted.  Whatever??  Really??  There were so many books that she said I could have that I had to call Christian to come with another car and help me carry them all out.  They were such good books too.  Not "twaddle" as Charlotte Mason would say.  I was so shocked that she was willing to give them all up to me who she barely knew.  I kept asking, as I pulled books down if she was really sure about this one or that one.  It was just too good to be true.  I came home with probably thousands of dollars worth of books.   I'm not kidding.
Lucky for us she gave us a bookshelf as well.  Unfortunately it only held about half of them.
The rest are just going to have to be randomly piled for now until we can get another one.
We got 3-4 years worth of science curriculum,  tons of creation science books, G.A. Henty historical fiction, missionary stories and biographies, histories, grammar, literature, latin, writing, art, music and foreign language.
Yes, even the expensive Rosetta Stone Spanish software that I never thought we would own.
I love old books.  Apparently this woman did too.  She even gave me several very old sweet science books that her Aunt had given her.
These are the kinds of science books I love to read to the kids.
They just don't make books like this anymore.  Books where Patty and Billy go out walking in the woods with their Father and their father talks to them about nature.
I get books like this and it's as good as winning the lottery.  
The woman was just glad to know that books were going to be used and not just sitting on her shelf.
I promised that they would definitely be used.
No worries about that.
A typical scene many times a day here.


  1. Talk about blessings! I recognized some of the art work in the books that I remember. My Daddy, your great grandpa was a school board member for several years and book salesmen would give him copies to keep. I loved reading them. Some of the books I had growing up, I read over and over- I didn't have an abundance like you now have. To whom much is given, much is required. Make use of them.

  2. Don't worry, we will make use of them. I only took the ones I knew we would use. I don't know how much we are going to have to use the library anymore now! I am also more then willing to lend them out to anyone who needs them.

  3. What an awesome find. God is so good, seems like I say that a lot, but it is so true. I love those old books, and love to see you little ones reading them.

  4. Yeah, Christy! You guys will be enjoying these great books for a long time! The Rosetta Stone Spanish software looks fantastic. Our library used to offer it but no longer. I wish I had of taken advantage of it when it was available.

  5. It is better then the lottery!! Even little Asher is excited! I love it when children read. There is nothing better!

  6. WOW! What a great gift to give to your children - the love of reading! It's the best.

  7. Hey Christy- I am looking forward to borrowing the Rosetta Stone! Congrats on all of those awesome books!

  8. ahhh..I see GA HENTY BOOKS!!! and hardback which are near impossible to find!!!!!!!!!! I see lots Genevieve Foster boks as well..I have abe linc and george wash world if you want to borrow those..you are blessed!!!!

  9. Oh my word! You hit the jackpot! I recognized some of the books from your pictures as ones we have. I just ordered Archimedes and the Door to Science to read to the kids for homeschool this unit and we LOVE LOVE LOVE Missionary Stories and the Millers. We love all of the Miller books! I am a book-a-holic!

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog about your similarity to us--it so helps to know we are not alone. I have really struggled with this these past few months. It has been SO hard. It has also been difficult to find someone who understands.

    In Christ, Laura

  10. Lucy,
    I know, I can't believe I got those Henty's! I do have George Washington's World but it isn't on the shelf because Grace is reading it now. I don't have Abe Lincoln though so I may need that one at some point.

    I have never even heard of the Miller books but I am excited to read them to the kids. We did start reading the Archimedes book already after hearing about his amazing inventions on a Diana Waring CD. Really interesting.

    I am surprised how many people I have found that actually did understand our situation with our disruption. I am sure there are people out there that don't but thankfully they are being quiet. God has been good to us in that respect. It is hard enough to go through what we did but then to have nay-sayers breathing down your back makes it all the harder. It is amazing though how many stories are coming out of the wood work now from different people we know and have recently met. People just don't talk about this and for understandable reasons so it is nice to find others who have been through it.

    I wish we lived closer because I am sure we would get along quite well. After reading your blog for some time now it appears we have a lot in common. I am sorry you're are having trouble finding people who understand. :( Did you read the book "Disrupting Grace"? It was so very helpful. I can send you my copy if you like.

  11. What an incredible gift!!!! Our daughter would be smack in the middle of that huge pile of books for days on end. Not sure I'd be able to convince her to do anything other than read! :)


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