Sunday, January 23, 2011


One of the many many reasons I love homeschooling is academic freedom.  Instead of being confined to a desk for most of the day trying to pay attention to the teacher while little Johnny goofs off in the back or little Suzy is trying to pass you a note, all the while you are worrying that your clothes are cool enough and you have cool friends, you are actually free to learn.  
(No offense to regular schoolers, I just love what we do and I should since I spend a majority of my day doing it!)

So when my children take a fancy to building a paper city after being inspired by a field trip to a doll maker's shop and from reading my all time favorite E. Nebitt book, The Magic City I don't stand in their way.  I stand back, smile and take pictures of course.
I especially smile when I see them working together on a project so peacefully.
Aiden in particular is always doing some sort of art project.  I look forward to seeing where this talent takes him.
At our field trip the other day, the business owner who was in her 60's and owned quite a lucrative doll making business was really encouraging the children to continue developing any artistic interests that they had.  She was very sorry to see that many public schools are doing away with art (lack of time, funding or replacing it with more testing I suppose).  She really felt strongly that the creative arts were very important for developing the mind in many areas.  I must agree.
I love this zebra skidding to a stop with a cloud of cotton ball dust behind him.  :)
I think this project is going to go on for a while as they keep coming up with new ideas to add to it.
Don't worry.  Paper cities don't take up the whole day.  Reading, writing, arithmetic, Spanish, grammar, spelling, Latin, literature, poetry, music, history, geography and science get plenty of time it's just that we have the freedom to be flexible.  

Speaking of flexibility, we have a big event we are heading out to tomorrow as a family which I look forward to blogging about soon.  It's been pretty quiet and peaceful around here lately so we are ready for some excitement!

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  1. what clever, gifted, talented children you have :)


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