Sunday, January 9, 2011

Walking through snowy woods

I don't really like cold weather and so we tend to hibernate in the winter.  We cozy up in the family room with the woodstove blazing away keeping busy reading lots of books, crocheting and playing.  After a while though I get this intense craving for sunlight and just have to get outside.  So even though it seems like too much trouble to bundle everyone up and head out, we did it anyway and of course we were glad we did. 

Besides, I needed a chance to actually use those crochet projects anyway.
And the kids needed a chance to throw snowballs at their Daddy.
And laugh histerically when Daddy got them back.
Asher and I thought we would just hang back and watch.
Actually he wanted to throw a snowball too with a little help from Daddy.
The rest of the time was spent exploring and finding deer tracks and what we found out later were fox tracks in the snow.
I think I need to force myself to brave the cold more often.  After I am home, filled up with hot chocolate and cozy by the fire again with a good book I admit that it was worth it.


  1. So glad you are blogging again. I need to hear from my family. I can't talk to anyone- except myself- so I enjoy you all so much! It was so cute seeing Naomi laughing on the one pic. The kids are all such cuties. I'm glad for the peace you are now experiencing now.

  2. Family Fun- -The BEST!! When I see children playing in the snow, I wish I was a "KID" again. Only in my Dreams, of course. Your crocheting projects came in handy.

  3. What great memories, the pics are excellent.


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