Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Asher!

Genesis 30:13  "And Leah said, Happy am I! ........... and she called his name Asher."
 That verse couldn't be more true of our Asher.  He brings us such joy.  He has a quick and ready smile, loves to have fun and is so loving and cuddly.  He has funny sayings that make us all laugh so much

Yesterday my baby turned 3.  I guess now that he is three I need to stop calling him the baby.  Since he has been the baby the longest of any of the others he certainly gets the royal treatment.  
Really though, how could you not spoil a kid with eyelashes like those??
I know everybody says it but time really does fly.  I can't believe how quickly he has grown.  
From this:
(He still had that big smile back then)

to this:
Trying on his new big boy coat he got from Grammy for his birthday.  He really does not look like a baby at all in this picture.  :(
He is also pretty excited about his new scooter that he got from Mommy and Daddy.  Now he can finally be like the big kids!  Notice the tiny hat?  No we are not converting to Judaism or anything.  Our kids all have really big heads.  That hat came with the coat and is supposed to fit a typical 3 year old.  Not a typical 3 year old at our house though.  :)

Happy Birthday big boy!


  1. Happy Birthday Asher. How did I miss it? I thought I was keeping up but I guess I am "not with it" after all! So he will get his card late. Those are really cute pix of Asher.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ASHER!! I HOPE TO MEET YOU SOME DAY!! I hope you NEVER lose those eye lashes!!

  3. what a sweet boy. Isn't it a joy to have a happy child?

  4. Happy birthday, Asher! I know what you mean about your "baby". I still can't get over the fact that my "baby" Gideon is also 3.

  5. All the kids I've known with really big heads have grown up into very tall adults with perfectly proportioned heads. Happy Belated Birthday to Asher!

  6. Laurie,
    That's interesting. Christian wishes that were true for him. He had a HUGE head as a kid but isn't really that tall. He did grow into it though at least. :)


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