Monday, February 14, 2011

Loving the Forgotten

I recently joined a homeschool group for the first time.  I never really felt the need to them before but this one sounded more up our alley because they did a lot of interesting field trips and even service projects.
A few days ago we all gathered to have a Valentine's Party in which the kids all brought handmade Valentine's cards expressing God's love and we had a contest to pick the ones we all liked best.  The kids spent most of their free time working hard on them all week.
Here are the winners.  Aren't they precious?
Then we made valentines cookies and made up plates of cookies and muffins to take to our next part of our event.
Then the fun part......
We all loaded up in our vans and headed over to the local home for elderly folks (is there a politically correct term for that?)
We split up in two groups and spent time with the people who were the most needy or lonely.
Our group went to the dementia wing and had a great time talking with the folks there.  Of course they did keep asking us the same questions over and over again which was cute but they loved talking with the children.   They were so happy to have visitors because they don't get very many and they really don't get out much if at all.
We were also able to spend some time with my very good friend's grandmother, Bessie who was in that wing as well.  Thankfully she remembered us.  We visited for a while and she told us some stories and then the kids pretended to play the organ in the hallway and we all sang "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms" together.  She is such a dear.  We were glad that we were able to brighten her day a little.  She certainly brightened ours.

Speaking of the lonely (ha ha Mom!), we also trekked over to New Jersey yesterday to see my Mom who was by herself for her birthday since my Dad was on a mission's trip to Guatemala.  Not that she was really lonely but I felt bad that she was by herself on her birthday.
We took her out to our favorite restaurant Chipotle for burritos, tacos, salads etc.  Yummy!!  It was a quick visit but we all had a great time.  The kids always love seeing their grandparents whenever we can.
Happy Birthday Mom!


  1. where and when does the coop meet? i think that is a neat idea to meet and do service projects-

  2. Unfortunately the group is full now. I just barely got in and it was only because someone recently dropped out. It's not really a co-op and more of just a group that does things together at different times during the month. It's just what I was looking for.

  3. I totally approve of home schooling, but the idea of a "service project" like you did is great. Some time you can come visit me! Amy and her children were here last week and we went to Roadside America. I love having visitors, but I don't have visitors very often. I guess every one thinks I get out and don't need a visit- but it would be nice!

  4. What a great way to spend Valentine's Day!

  5. Well Grandma I have really been wanting to get out there and see you and it has been on my to do list since Christmas. It's hard with trying to fit school work in though. Homeschooling keeps me really busy these days and I don't get out as much as I used to when the kids were littler. I think I will try to visit a day during "spring break". And you are always welcome to come here as well!

  6. O My Word!! I got tears in my eyes just seeing your children interacting with the elderly!! What a privilege for them, as well as the people they meet.
    Keep It up!!


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