Thursday, February 17, 2011

Romantic History

So it's Valentine's day and what does a loving husband do?  He takes off work and takes his wife and children to a National Park and a historical site.  O.K. so maybe not your husband but that what mine did because he knows what I love.  I don't need chocolate and roses and a fancy dinner but good old Pennsylvania history will light my fire any day.  :)

First stop, Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site.  It was a gorgeous day but unfortunately for us the park was closed.  We could still walk around but no tours were going on.   I mean really, I thought that place would be jam packed on Valentine's day!  It's so romantic!

That's o.k.  We still had fun all by ourselves walking around the property and checking out the old buildings and reading the signs.
Exploring the huge old furnace.
Visiting the sheep.....
...and lone horse.  I think he was glad to have some visitors.  He looked lonely.

Measuring old sycamore trees.
I'm not sure why that caution tape was there.  Oh well.
I love sycamore trees.
Even though the ground was still very much covered with snow it was a fairly warm day for February and it was so nice to be outside.  Thank you Jesus for February sunshine just about when we feel like we are going to wither up and die.  A park ranger was also nice enough to come out of the office and give the kids all Jr. Ranger badges for braving the snow.  They were pretty excited about that.

On the way home we also stopped at the Daniel Boone Homestead.   We have passed signs for this place a lot but never thought to stop in.  I wish we had sooner because even though it wasn't open either and it wasn't an ideal day, it was a lot more interesting than I thought it was going to be and was situated on a beautiful property.  Unfortunately our camera battery went dead and I didn't get any pictures but we are going back there next month for Charter Day so we should get a lot of great shots then.

We also decided to join the Pennsylvania Heritage Society so we should get in a lot more historical field trips this year.  I am really looking forward to it!  Pennsylvania is so rich historically and we really want to take advantage of it.  Like the one park ranger said, "There is no excuse for not knowing your history in Pennsylvania".


  1. Hopewell Furnace is a great place. Every year, the week end after Labor Day they have a three day event. There are people there doing all kinds of old things- spinning wool on an old spinning wheel, etc. They have old, old tractors- even steam engines. I can't remember everything, but we used to take our school children there on field trips. I'm sure you would love it. All the folks who "do" things are willing to talk and explain. Very educational.

  2. What an absolutely wonderful thing to do for Valentine's Day. Seeing actual historical sites as opposed to just reading about them, certainly makes them more real. And this is true for ANY AGE!!

  3. What a great idea and fun family time. Valentine's Day is not just about 2 people but about the whole family. Applause for you. I love the pic of the sycamore looking upward, they have beautiful bark in the wintertime when there's not much to look at. Glad you all had fun!

  4. Looks like a wonderful day.

    Last August/September we spent 6 weeks visiting National Parks and Monuments in 17 states. It was AMAZING.

    I will have to put these on our list for our next trip out to Pennsylvania.

    Hope your weekend is BLESSED!


  5. My sweet husband is going to apply for a job in PA. I think it would be wonderful to live in that part of the country, with all of its history.

    :) :) :)


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