Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Monday morning we received that eagerly anticipated call from our post office bright and early at 6:30am (thankfully they waited later then the 4:30am call we got last time) informing us that our birds had arrived.  I heard our little babies cheeping loudly in the background so Christian set out to pick them up as quickly as he could.

We had gotten the notice from McMurray that they had shipped the night before so they were only in-transit 12-24 hours but it can still stress them and they are VERY loud when you first get them.  The chirps are ear piercingly loud and so when Christian brought the box in the house the kids heard them upstairs and quickly came down to check them out.
Amazingly 27 little chicks fit in this one box.
Last year we hadn't ordered from McMurray and had just ordered the standard egg machine breed from the local place as bigger birds, almost ready to lay.  They are fine but we really wanted to try some different breeds for fun this year.  It is also a great experience to raise them from chicks.
We ordered 12 different breeds and the kids are having fun trying to identify the different chicks.  Is it  a Light Brahma, a Barred Rock or a Buff Orpington?  The were all very sad when "Puffy Head" died.  We always seem to have a casualty for one reason or another but losing our White Crested Black Polish was sad since he was our only one.
The kids are crazy about the chicks, wanting to hold them every minute of the day.
The chicks have a nice little box in the family room by the fire for now with a heat lamp.  Once they were set up under the heat lamp and had eaten and drunk they quieted down considerably and today they are so much quieter, pleasantly chirping in the background making it feel like spring.
The kids set up a little rocking chair next to the box so they can watch them and rock them if they want to.
They also like to have a little fun with them. 
Hoping these are going to be our friendliest chickens yet.  :)


  1. This is soooo wonderful!! I remember when my father, your great grandfather ordered chicks via mail order. They arrived in card board boxes. AND they were so cute! I had forgotten they could still be received via mail order. I know your children will enjoy them and have a great time watching them grow.

  2. What fun!!

    You guys are completely living out our "family dream" for one day having a mini farm. ;)

    Love it!

  3. Oh my word! I am laughing so hard at that last picture, hahaha! Hilarious!

  4. Christy, I'll tell you a "funny" about your mother. When we got chicks the first time we were farming on our own, your mom and Aunt Judy were very intested. Your Mom was concerned because they didn't have feathers. I had to explain they would get them later! How great for children to grow up with the experience of raising animals.


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