Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Random happenings

"March is the month of expectation"  ~Emily Dickinson

Spring is so close we can smell it and we are so eagerly anticipating pulling a weed, planting a seed, warm sun, browned skin.  It's coming......
Last week the children all jumped to the window when Grace yelled out that she spotted the first Robin in our backyard.
They sat there curiously watching him hop busily around, tilting his head to the ground to listen for worms and then dive in to retrieve one.  It is fascinating that they can actually hear the worms crawling in the soil and know exactly where to dig in to pull one out.
 In farm news, the chickens have spring fever as well and had found a way to escape their enclosure to make their way to the garden.  I didn't mind because they were offering free gardening services by loosening up the soil, eating bugs and grubs and fertilizing for us.
Look at that proud rooster guarding his ladies.
I didn't mind that is until about a week later when they got bored with the garden and ventured over to my flower beds where my daffodils were innocently pushing their way up out of the ground.  Chickens scratching around my flower beds do not make me happy whether it is nearly spring or no so they quickly and ferociously got chased back to their pen and thoroughly locked up.  At least for now.

In other farm news, meet Phil.
He's a little scraggly looking since he is shedding his winter coat and he does have an odd goat name but we are glad to have him since we now don't have to transport our does anymore at breeding season to another farm with a buck.  He is a Fainting goat and not an Oberhasli so the kids will be mutts but that's o.k.  we need to get our milk somehow.  Besides, he is awfully nice for a buck and he gets along well with the ladies so it seems to be a good fit.  We have yet to see him faint so I guess he must have a rare courageous streak.
Last week Grace turned 10.
She wanted an "old-fashioned" dinner.  That was her term for it anyway.  She asked for steak, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls and salad.  We like to joke that because we were vegetarian for the first 5 or so years of her life she is making up for all those years of no meat now.  She loves red meat!  Lucky for her we had just purchased 1/4 of a cow so we had plenty.  She also requested a Carmel Frosted Hummingbird Cake that she picked out of a cookbook.  A first for me but quite delicious!
And because she was just the cutest chubby little 2 year old, I just had to throw this picture in.
Happy 10th birthday Grace!


  1. Wow, Christy, Grace was such an ADORABLE baby I could just eat her UP! SO cute. Two is such a sweet and adorable age :)

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Grace. How grownup you are. Picking out your own menu and cake recipe, too!! You must like humming birds too. They are my favorites also. One time we were fortunate enough to have one make a nest in a little tree next to our house. It was a delight to watch the little ones hatch. I hope to meet you one day.
    Aunt Becky.

  3. Wow, ten years old! I can't believe it! Where has the time gone? You're such a lovely little lady Grace, we're so happy you are in our birthday... Happy birthday! Funny, Christy how we both posted at the same time again, and both about spring coming :) Ricky wants to get chickens again but I'm not too keen on the idea... I bet he would like to try and make your goat faint though!

  4. *that's supposed to be in our family

  5. Happy birthday Grace! Wow, that's quite a cake :) And I love the two year old pic! So adorable.

  6. I just showed Isaiah the cake. He said it was "too yummy". And steak is his absolute favorite meal too!

  7. If Grace is ten now, she will soon be able to make a cake for her Mommy's birthday! She is quite the young lady. I'm not at all prejudiced, but I think I have the cutest great grandkids! I love them all.


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