Thursday, April 21, 2011

Surgery, mantises and a birthday.

No field trips this week.  That is unless you count Christian's field trip to the hospital operating room today to have his knee fixed.  He is there right now as I write this and should be home in a few hours.  It is a minor surgery that only takes 15 minutes and we are pretty happy to finally have it done with.  He has been limping around for the last 3 weeks now due to a meniscus tear.  While it wasn't causing him much pain and he was able to work for the most part, he is not able to straighten his leg all the way because of the way it tore so it is a bit awkward getting around.  We are thankful though that he was able to work since we weren't sure how this would affect his job being that he climbs trees for living and kind of needs his knee for that.

In other news, the baby praying mantises hatched this morning!
 Every fall we find praying mantis egg cases in the bushes around our home and bring one inside to overwinter.  Amazingly every spring out pop 100-200 little baby mantises.
The kids really enjoy watching them hatch and releasing them out near the garden.  
I just noticed that they sell these cases online for $10 for two of them.  Kind of crazy because once you know how to find them that seems a total waste of money.  Even it you don't have them in your backyard, surely you could find some on a leisurely walk though the woods.  They are super beneficial for your gardens, so if you can manage to find those mysterious looking brown, papery egg cases take good care of those babies!
But like Annie Dillard says in A Pilgrim At Tinker Creek, you have to learn to see them.  And once you do you will suddenly see them everywhere and be amazed at how you missed seeing them all this time.  If you need help, our kids would be glad to help you.  They too see them everywhere.

In other belated news, our first born son turned 8 this week.
Aiden requested a strawberry pie and I was happy to oblige since I am not a big cake fan.
We have seen a lot of growth in him in the last year and we do tell him so.  He is becoming quite the happy helper and worker which is quite a change from a couple years ago.

If he isn't inside on the couch with a gigantic stack of books next to him, or listening to an audio story CD, or curled up next to me on the couch while I am reading The Wind in the Willows for the second time, he would be found creating something artistic or playing outside, discovering, exploring or building.
Because of this, one of his grammy's got him a real artist's easel and canvas for his birthday.
Of course he set it up immediately and went right to work painting our weeping cherry.  I don't think we will be buying canvases to often but it would be fun to get him a new one every year to watch how his art progresses.

Well that's all for now.  
Happy Easter!


  1. Happy birthday Aiden!! I have some canvases you can have :) I hope Christian is up on his feet in no time!

  2. Wow! I totally wish I could find a mantis egg case! I would love to watch them hatch out!


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