Monday, April 4, 2011

These days....

Look at me posting again and it has been less then a week!

These days it's been warm so we spend a good portion of the day outside.

These days our daffodils have finally decided to bloom.

These days the kids have been enjoying making forts from sticks and various and sundry other items.

And if one is good why not make more?
I think they must be trying to make our yard look like some sort of Revolutionary War army camp.

These days the chicks have a nice movable home outside that Christian managed to build nearly for free from scraps that were laying around.
Somehow they managed to escape today though but thankfully we were right there and rounded them all up.
 Thankfully we got them quickly before the cat found out.  She sure would love to get at them.
We all love the feathered footed Brahmas the best.

These days the kids are having fun with the rope swing in the barn.

These days Christian is hobbling around on crutches.
 I am sure he is not happy with me taking his picture.  His "bad knee" that he had surgery on 6 years ago has been bothering him lately and just went out a couple days ago.  It is looking like a torn meniscus but he won't know until he gets an MRI later this week.  If so then he will need surgery.  It's not exactly the best time since the tree business is really busy right now and he needs to be in good physical condition to work but oh well.  He has been keeping himself busy though doing office stuff for now so hopefully this doesn't last too long.  We'll see.

And last but certainly not least.
These days either I have been eating one too many grass fed, nitrate free, all beef hot dogs with New Zealand sharp cheddar or there's something cooking in there, due to make his or her appearance sometime around the beginning of November.
You decide.  ;)


  1. two post in a week - wow!

    and you're showing - how cute!!!

    those chicks got BIG fast! great pics. what camera do you have?

  2. Cannon Rebel T1i. We are pretty happy with it. Of course we are partial to Cannons though.

  3. Wow!! Congrats to you, too!

    But, I bet it's the hotdogs. :)

    You're kids look they're having way too much fun.

  4. Yip-yip, Yahoo! You know which one I'm guessing, right?! Congrats!!! Gail R.

  5. What fun pics! Well, except for Christian's. Will pray that he doesn't need surgery. And congrats!! Very exciting. Nick's happy for you guys, too!

  6. Looks like you all have been having fun outside. Can't wait for some spring weather to hit over here in the Pacific NW.

    Sorry about the bum knee. We've had 7 knee surgeries in the past 8 years (3 for my hubby, 3 for 1 twin daughter, 1 for the other twin daughter). We asked the surgeon about the genetic possibilities of 6 torn ACLs ... the twins "happen" to be the children that look most like their Greek Papa. Crazy!

    Congrats on the little one. We are grieving the loss of my little one that was due the end of October; but I can still celebrate with those of you who are rejoicing in new life.

    Hope your week is BLESSED!


  7. Hooray - Congrats - So exciting! Love the Spring pics of the kiddies. Sympathy for your man and his bum knee. So happy for you guys!

  8. Awww, Christy, this put a huge smile on my face! I miss you guys! So happy for you, well, except for Christian. Hopefully he won't need that surgery. I'll try to email or call you soon.

  9. Ahh! Somehow I missed this post... I don't think I was expecting a post so soon :P congratulations again! I'm so excited for you... and I see no baby belly, you're tiny!

  10. AWESOME!!! Congrats- so happy for another blessing in your life! I can't believe your chicks are outside- how long till you put them out- ours are just beginning to feather....and smell..and are inside, so how young can they be- here I thought they needed to be under a lamp till it was 70 out- but yours look good and are alive!

  11. Hi Lucy,
    They do still have the heat lamp in their box for when it's cold at night and for a couple days they didn't venture out. But once they did they seemed pretty happy. They also seemed to grow much faster once we did that and to quickly put out their new feathers.

    We just thought that if a chicken outside had chicks that they would be out wandering around by that point so why not these?


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