Monday, April 11, 2011

Too much to post about, too little time.

Things are finally starting to bloom around here so I keep changing my blog header because I can't stop taking pictures of the flowers.  I think this star magnolia is beautiful close up but it isn't exactly my favorite shrub as a whole.  It just goes to show me that everything has a beauty of it's own and I just need to find it.

Last week was a busy week for us and I want to post about everything so I don't forget but that means a lot of pictures.  So here we go......

On Wednesday we went on another field trip to the DaVinci Science Center in Allentown.  The kids were kind of ho-hum about going, thinking that it was going to be boring, but after being there a few hours I practically had to drag them out of there.  They had so much fun and learned so much.  It was totally worth the trip up there and we want to go back again soon and take Christian since I know he would love it too.

There were so many exhibits and they were all hands on which kept the kids very busy.  I thought that we were only going to be learning about DaVinci but it was anything and everything science.
How scientists measure things in nanometers, how a vacuum works, pulleys and levers, gears in a motor, how ice freezes, how to build a bridge, how to stop a speeding bullet, etc etc.
Some of their favorites were....
the touch tank, 
the live animals such as snakes, hissing cockroaches, scorpions, tarantulas, millipedes and others,
practicing being a TV weather person,
and a really fun class on electricity.
I am so glad I am in this field trip group because I never would have found this place on my own.

On Friday we headed over to elderly folk's home for a sing-along that our group had planned.  We have been spending a lot of time here recently which I am so happy about.  This was our fourth time since Christmas for various reasons and I love giving the children these opportunities.
I had selected the hymns and played the piano while our group sat with the folks there and sang along.  We sang some great old hymns which the people there hardly needed the words for since they had them all memorized by heart.  Leaning On the Everlasting Arms, When We All Get to Heaven, I'd Rather Have Jesus, In My Heart There Rings A Melody, and many others.
Afterward the kids gave the residents some cards that they had made for Easter and we spent some time socializing.  It is always such a meaningful time and we are glad to be heading back there again in May for another event.
Update (4/15):  I was informed that I am not allowed to post pictures of the residents without written permission so I had to delete the pictures that I had here.  They were so sweet though.  :(

Saturday we were over at my parent's for a family get together with my sisters and their families.  
This is my sister Amy and my Grandma (Dad's Mom).  Amy is hiding baby Katy under there.  :)
And there is baby Katy checking out my other niece Kira.  Kira doesn't look so sure.  "Hey, I thought I was the princess!", she is thinking.

My Dad's parents live right there in my parent's in-law apartment so it is wonderful to be able to see them so much.  We had a great time talking, telling stories and hanging out.
Mostly I just took pictures of the kids and especially of Naomi and her buddy Kira (Dawn's daughter).  Naomi loves her cousin and will hardly leave her side the whole time.  She is going to make a great babysitter some day with all that energy!

Besides all these activities going on this past week I also managed to find time to paint the family room.  I had been wanting to do this ever since I painted it last time.  I never liked the color we had picked out 5 years ago when I first rolled it on the walls but just thought I would get used to it since I didn't feel like doing it over then.
  I didn't get used to it and it always bothered me but I did not feel like moving all these books that we have in here to get the job done.
It was such a blah brown and with spring being here I was really not in the mood for it anymore.  And now that I am pregnant I had the motivation to get it done.  Even at barely three months along I am already in partial nesting mode.
So everyone pitched in to move the books, one wall at a time so I could get it done in sections which was much more manageable than doing the whole room at once.  And just in case you are worried we used an environmentally friendly paint with low fumes.  You could hardly smell it at all, which was nice. (And yes, Christian's leg is still bad, which was why he couldn't help much, but at least he is mostly off crutches).
 I love the finished result.  It's so much more cheery in here now.  I didn't think I would ever paint a room blue but I do like this.  I nervously sent Christian to pick out a color and I think he did a pretty nice job.

Phew!  That was plenty for one day.  It's 73 degrees outside right now and the kids are playing with the hose so I am going to head outside to get some sun on this poor pale skin!


  1. Love the blue. My office walls are just about the same color, and I love the bright and cheery feeling that it brings.

    You are blessed to have family around. Our kids don't even know their grandparents, aunts, uncles, or cousins. So sad.

    Love the field trips. You keep motivating me to get some planned.

    Oh how we are anxiously awaiting spring weather. 73 degrees sounds heavenly.

    Hope your week is BLESSED!

    Laurel :)

  2. Good Paint Job!! Nice color, too. I am enjoying all your field trips. I am learning more about Pennsylvania then I ever learned all the years I lived there, even though it has been 50+ years since I lived there. Keep going on field trips!!

  3. The living room looks great! I love that picture of Grace at the museum ... looks like another fun trip :) ... we definitely enjoyed the weather yesterday too, spring is here!

  4. Wow, your field trip group is so great! I never heard of that science place before. Looks like fun!

    That's quite a transformation in your family room. I'm always amazed at your motivation with home projects :)

    You all seem to be doing so well these days. It's good to see!

  5. Christy, that color is A-MAZ-ING! It looks so much brighter and happier in there! You must love it! Christian did a good job on that, it is hard picking just the right paint color/

    I just love the pictures of the kids! Thanks for taking them and posting all of them. Kira had such a good time and loved that Naomi walked out to the car with her and held her hand. She cried a little when we left, we just need to get together more often now. I love seeing the kids play together so nicely!


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