Thursday, May 12, 2011

Allergy woes, chicken murders and fishing fun.

Sorry for the lack of blogging.  You would think that it was due to the beautiful weather but alas no.  My allergies have been killing me this spring and I have been miserable, not wanting to do much more than sit on the couch with a box of tissues.  Itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing at night, runny nose.  Allergy meds hardly touch it.  They had gotten so bad on Saturday that Christian took me to the emergency room because I just felt like I could not breath.  It was like I had asthma.  So they prescribed an inhaler which, although it helped wonderfully is not something that I want to be taking regularly.  So out came all my herbal books and I started researching what I could do that was more natural.  I upped my vitamin C and D intake, started taking fenugreek, thyme and turmeric and drinking copious amounts of Rooibos tea.  They seem to have helped because yesterday I was able to be outside all afternoon and finish planting the veggie garden when a few days before I couldn't be outside for even 5 minutes.  Praying it keeps up.  It kills me to be inside when the weather is so nice and I am dying to work in the garden.

So here is the latest.
I was very happy to get the rest of the garden planted yesterday.  Christian had planted beans, beets, lettuce, zucchini and cucumber last week as well as mulching the paths with old goat bedding which makes nice fertilizer.  Yesterday I planted marigolds around the border (to help deter rabbits) and tomatoes and peppers and basil.  You will notice that we don't have a fence and also live close to the woods but we have not had a problem with deer or rabbits since I started using Liquid Fence.  The deer and rabbits are still there but the Liquid Fence really seems to work and it's organic.
 In sad news, these are all the chickens we have left as a fox killed a total of 13 full grown chickens and all 18 baby chicks.  
Christian went out to lock up the chickens as he always does around 9pm one night and a huge fox was in the process of carrying off dead chickens one by one while 6 very scared (but alive) hens were huddled in a corner.  We made sure the chickens were locked up earlier after that and checked to make sure that the fox could not get at the baby chicks in their pen but the next week I woke up at 7am to look out the window and see the same huge fox jumping at the baby chicks cage.  I quickly told Christian who ran and got his gun and took a shot at it.  He was very close to the house so Christian actually got it although we aren't sure if it died or not because it did get back up and run off.  It doesn't really matter though because all the chicks were dead.    We aren't exactly sure how he got them but he did.  It was very sad because those chicks were our babies and we had worked so hard to get them to that point.  In all our years of having chickens we have only had a handful of run-ins with a fox and then he would only take one or two.  This was totally insane.

Somehow 6 chickens are still giving us enough eggs and I haven't had to buy any yet so we are thinking that the Lord knew we were making more work for ourselves than we needed and just was helping us to downsize.  I know that we won't be getting anymore chicks anytime soon anyway.

Last week we were puppy sitting for my sister who raises Yorkshire Terriers and was on vacation.  These puppies barely touched the ground the whole week they were here.  I had to keep reminding the kids that the puppies did need to nurse and be with their mom sometimes.
 Other than that it's normal spring stuff like fishing.  We hadn't really been able to take the kids much the past few years so we are making up for it this year by going quite a few times.
You gotta love taking the kids when they are happy with 8 inch sunnies.


  1. I was going to respond to this but then Blogger was down. I am so sorry about your chickens. That's just crazy! I would be so upset, especially about all of the chicks.

    We've been suffering with allergies, too. I've never gotten seasonal allergies but I've been a mess this year. The kids look like they have pinkeye at times! I'm glad that the inhaler and the herbs helped you.

    Your garden is gorgeous! I haven't heard of Liquid Fence; I'll have to check that out.

    Love the pics of the kids!

  2. Christy- the same fox killed 16 of our chickens early this spring- but did not eat them- just killed for sport:( What a waste. Matt Homan was gonna get a trap for us. It is a brave fox too, not scared of me or my 3 dogs! Glad to hear about Patrick-

  3. So sad to hear about the chickens. Hope you scared that old fox off!!! You have a beautiful garden and I see Asher is doing his part, too.


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