Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Camping failure and outside projects.

We had big plans this past weekend for a camping trip up to the Pocono area.  This trip had been planned since the beginning of the year and we had carefully planned everything out and were all excited to go since it had been awhile.  But, like they say, the best laid plans..........

We got there Friday night and planned to stay until Monday but when we got there we quickly discovered the the campground had the worst tick infestation they had had in years.  I had never seen so many ticks at once and we were picking them off of us left and right.  They got in the tent, they made it into the car, they were everywhere and I was constantly checking the kids' heads.  So between the ticks, two injuries, and neighbors who decided to bring their domestic problems to the campground and keep the rest of us up all hours of the night we decided that we should just throw in the towel, count our losses and go home.   

We at least were able to christen our "new" used canoe and the kids got to spend the afternoon in the lake so that made them happy.

Being home for the holiday weekend meant projects!  Christian and I both love working outside in the yard and there is always something going on.  For me that meant mowing and weeding and mulching the garden.  It's amazing how fast those pesky weeds grow when you haven't mulched.
There.  That should take care of things for a while.

For Christian it meant setting up the pool.  If we are going to get much done outside these days we need a place to cool off.
This pool has been the best.  We are going on 4 years now with this W-Mart special which is really pretty impressive.

Christian has also been working on setting up a new/used playset that he picked up for free at one of his jobs.  It's really great what he gets at jobs for free that people don't want.  The canoe was another great find.
He got to a stopping point and needs a second person to help him with the rest so in the meantime we decided to put up a privacy fence around the patio.  Since the patio is right next to the driveway and our home is also a tree business we thought it would be nice to enclose the patio area.


We love it and besides the privacy it gives us a little more shade in the evening and makes it feel more cozy.  We already spend a lot of time out here but now I think we will even more so.  Now to plan landscaping for the outside of the fence.  :)
Three new kittens have made their way to our property and we are hoping they will be better mousers than the current cat who should have been named "Useless" because that is what she is.  These guys are showing good promise though and they come from good stock so we shall see.

There is more fun farm news but I will save that for later.
That's all for now!


  1. Sorry about your weekend. Ticks seem to be extra bad this year. Wow, you just can't look at that picture of A at the lake without smiling! SO cute! Love your privacy fence, too. It looks like more of an outdoor room now. Your kitten is adorable. We had a useless mouser, too. I'm convinced that he thought he was too good to go after the likes of a mouse. :)

  2. It might mean a constant stream of kittens, but female cats are better mousers than males. I guess it's the urge to take care of a family! I love Aiden's picture. For once he is smiling. I thought I would have to ask Christian to come cut off some limbs on my maple tree. I was constantly afraid of being Absolum when I was mowing, but Wendell cut off some of the low ones when he was weed whacking for me. I was checking your blog often to see what was happening. I know I haven't blogged this year! I think I am not interesting enough!

  3. That's interesting Grandma. So far our best mouser has been a male and the female we have now hasn't caught a thing. The kittens are all males. When we moved in here there were 17 cats on the property. No more females unless they are fixed. How quickly they multiply!

  4. I like the privacy fence - great idea. Your garden looks delicious and the kids are beautiful as usual!


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