Sunday, May 1, 2011

Longwood Gardens

Thursday we had a great opportunity to visit Longwood Gardens with our field trip group for the kids to take part in one of Longwood's educational programs about mapping and orienteering.  Because it was an educational program we all we able to get in and then spend the rest of the day there for less than $5 each!  That saved us about $50!!  I'm sorry but saving money always makes me excited.  And because it was so cheap Christian decided to take a vacation day and go with us too which was wonderful.

The last time we were there was during Christmas three years ago (when we got in for free because we had a friend who worked there!)  so I was pretty excited to be able to go in the spring and see all the tulips.
There are over 200,000 tulips planted there and they did not disappoint.
I was a little concerned about the weather because it just started raining when we go there but thankfully it cleared up in the afternoon and we were able to spend the rest of the day outside.

Not that being in the conservatory is too painful in the least.  We easily could have spent much more time in there.  If you are going to be stuck inside on a rainy day, that's the place to be.
And we took plenty of time to stop and smell the roses.
And of course you can't miss the orchid room.

But there were things outside that we didn't want to miss while we were there so we were glad that the sun decided to show itself and push the clouds away so we could enjoy the fountains.
 Something that is new this year are the three treehouses.  These treehouses were absolutely gorgeous and made mostly from reclaimed lumber and natural materials.
House #1 

House #2
House #3 was really a cathedral.  This one was my favorite but I didn't get any good inside pictures.

Besides all that we also enjoyed seeing a slab from a 2000 year old giant sequoia stump.

Exploring the DuPont house.
Playing hide and seek in the topiaries.

Seeing a piano made from wood from Walden pond.  Look but don't touch, unless you are Elton John.

Feeding the sunnies in the pond their sandwhich crusts and getting the fish to take it right out of their hands.

The kids were running around the place all day long and we still had to drag them away.  I wasn't sure if they could put up with all the walking but they all did great.  I'm thinking that having friends there helped but they certainly enjoyed the beauty of the place as well.  Aiden said, "I wish our backyard looked like this".  Well I'm sure if we had 500 employees and 700 volunteers it would!  But in the meantime start weeding Aiden and maybe it can!


  1. I know I keep saying the same thing but I just love your pictures! It's been way too long since I've been to Longwood. We really need to check out those tree houses!

  2. Wow!! beautiful pics. So glad your children enjoyed the flowers. Which tree house is Christian going to build for the children?!! The water show looked spectacular. Asher is such a "doll"!!

  3. nyoder@comcast.netMay 3, 2011 at 1:24 AM

    It's been almost 3 years since I was there. I saw the tree houses, and the water show the last time I was there. I had gone with Toot, Rod, Mark. I had the opportunity to go this week, but have to work. There is always just so much to see. Love your field trip and photos- as always.

  4. Oh wow Christy!! Your pictures are AMAZING!!!


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