Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve

This week I took the kids to Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve in New Hope.
In the morning they had a class for younger children on butterflies and in the afternoon we had a guided tour of the preserve.  Lucky for us we were the only ones on the tour in the afternoon so we learned a lot and had a great time talking with and asking questions of our guides.  Since it was a bit of a drive for us we planned to make a day of it and packed our lunch so we could eat there in between activities.  We didn't have much difficulty keeping ourselves busy.

Inside, they had a nice bird observatory with several feeding stations hanging up outside the windows.  They had a good variety at their feeders and the kids were happy to see some that we haven't seen at our feeders yet such as a Tufted Titmouse, Downy Woodpecker and Rose Breasted Grosbeak.

We didn't see too many butterflies on our walk but the ones we did see were beautiful.
They love that butterfly weed.

But I considered the butterflies to be a bonus as we were really there to see the wildflowers.

There were more but I will try to control myself.

I had Grace and Aiden bring their Nature sketchbooks and they kept busy drawing the flowers that they saw along the way.  Asher was kept busy with a caterpillar that he found.  And Naomi was busy being bothered by the gnats that no one else seemed to notice.
Ahhh, this picture cracks me up!

And one of our most exciting finds was a baby fawn which crossed our path as we were walking through the woods.

Our guides however were not quite so excited as us because baby deer means momma dear and they are not supposed to be in the preserve and now their job is to figure out how to chase it out.  There is a 10 foot high metal deer fence that surrounds the entire property  to keep the deer from eating the native plants but somehow one got in though a faulty gate.  I can't imagine trying to chase a doe and fawn out of this pretty large preserve which also contains quite a bit of poison ivy.  Should be interesting.  :)


  1. Great blog as always. I keep checking, because it keeps me in touch with scattered family. You are so faithful and the education your children are getting is tops. I'm so proud of my great grandchildren who are being home schooled. Katy doesn't home school but Isaac has been reading more books than anybody in his school. I think that is great.

  2. I wonder if deer eat poison ivy! If they did, it would be worth it to let them stay in the preserve.

    You take beautiful pictures: the flowers and butterflies, but especially the kids! Poor Naomi and the bugs - I feel her pain.

  3. Thanks Grandma. I sure do enjoy it (homeschooling that is).

    I was thinking the same thing about the poison ivy. I know that goats eat it. Unfortunately the deer would eat a lot of other more rare plants along the way. If only they could train them to be selective.

  4. Wow, Christy, you are just the field trip queen! You all seem to be having so much fun learning :) I'm loving all the pictures.
    Hope you're feeling well. How about some prego pics??
    Miss you all.


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