Monday, June 6, 2011

Day at Camp

Yesterday we had a great time at our church's annual camp day.  After the outdoor service in the woods we spent the whole day there boating, fishing, playing games, eating and chatting with friends.  It was a beautiful day.
No that extra child is not ours.  We tend to get a few followers tagging along.

And because we have all been so into birds lately we took lots of pictures of birds.
Christian captured this Red-Winged blackbird in flight with something in its mouth.  

Grey Catbird
 Eastern Kingbird
  The male and female are in this picture and they have their nest in a tree over a pond.

Oh and I must tell you about our new favorite bird website,  Check it out.  There is tons of really useful information about bird identification including some great educational videos.


  1. I know it looks like one but it was much bigger. I said that to Christian yesterday and he said if it was then it was a chickadee on steroids. :)

  2. Chickadees also have black on their necks.

  3. What a FUN day!

    GREAT pictures!!!

    :) :) :)

  4. Ask Aunt Toot. She not only knows all the flowers names, she also knows the birds. Love your pics.


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