Saturday, August 27, 2011

Moose, Mountains and Magnificent Moosehead Lake

I don't know if you noticed that lovely lake background in the video of my last post.  No we don't live near a lake.  We have been in Maine the past two weeks and sadly it's time to say good-bye.

It's been a fabulous two weeks and a re-cap of our time up here is coming but for now a few pictures.

Farewell Moosehead Lake, until next year.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Aiden and the presidents

Since I posted a video of Grace reciting the presidents on our former blog a couple years ago I had to post one of Aiden doing the same thing this year.  I had Grace teach him with the same book 3-4 months ago since it was good review for her.  He had it down within a day and still has it.  We were really impressed when we heard them reciting them to himself in the car at lightning speed recently so I definitely had to get a video of it.

So without further is Aiden reciting the 44 presidents of the United States in order in 15 seconds.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Comcast Building

This field trip was a little different than our typical field trip since it wasn't art, science or history.  First of all it was a cable TV company (and you all know we aren't big fans of TV) and second it was more along the lines of communications/business administration.  However it was very interesting and I am glad that we went for the experience.  Besides we really need to broaden our horizons a bit and try to be more diverse in our field trip choices.

The Comcast building is the tallest in Philly with 56 floors and we were able to go nearly all the way to the top and since we know someone who works pretty high up there we were able to have great tour.  The Comcast building is the 3rd most visited site in Philadelphia (even beating out the art museum, which is pathetic in my opinion) and mostly because of this.
The largest LCD television screen in America.  Most people don't even go into the building itself but just come to see the TV which continually plays random and interesting things.

Of course you had to be there to get the full effect but it was pretty cool......for a TV.  ;)  If you are near Suburban Station or City Hall it is worth going in to see it for 10 minutes.  You really could sit and watch it for a while.

On our tour we were able to see quite a bit having to do with the workings of the company.  From the floor where all the creative geniuses work who get to come to work in jeans and T-Shirts and play ping pong and pool all day while they think up creative ideas for Comcast (seriously, you want that job!), to the mail room where they process 26,000 pieces of mail a day, to peeking in on the control room while they filmed a live news show, to the "Sprout" channel floor,  to eating lunch in the clouds, to riding the elevator straight down 50 floors in less than thirty second and having our ears pop and more.
The kids checking out the view from the mail room, halfway up.

The studio control room.

Supposedly if we watched the "Sprout" channel we would recognize this chair.  We didn't but got a picture anyway just to prove we were there and in case we ever do see it.

The view from where we ate lunch.  As close as Liberty 1 and 2 were, when a cloud came through they were totally blocked.  It was crazy!

The kids decided if they ever worked there they would either want to work on the Sprout channel floor or with the creative geniuses so they can play ping pong all day and get paid the big bucks.  Although the mail room was pretty cool too they thought.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


It's obviously the height of summer because I just have not had time to post.  We have been quite busy and the summer is just flying by.  I was reading recently in a fascinating book about memory that one way to slow time down is to make a more conscious effort to preserve your memories.  Our lives are collections of memories and the reason why life during childhood seems so much longer than life as an adult is that childhood is filled with memories.  The memories are more lasting in childhood because so many experiences are new and thus more memorable.   How do I duplicate this as an adult?  Slow down, spend time processing your day, journal or even blogging!  So even though I think I may not have time to blog I really need to in order to do this.  I know that personally I remember more details since I started blogging.

Lots has been going on so in order not to cram one post full of everything I will space it out over the next couple weeks.

Last Saturday we all wanted Christian to see the Brandywine River Arts Museum so we took another trek down to Chadd's Ford.  It is such a lovely place and even if you don't visit the museum there are plenty of walking trails along the river to enjoy.

Of course if you drove all the way there you really shouldn't miss the art in the museum.  Christian loved it and said it was much more interesting than the Philly Art Museum in his opinion.  Less overwhelming as well.  I wish I could show more pictures of the inside but sadly I'm not allowed.

Since we were down in that neck of the woods we decided to stop over at Tyler Arboretum to see their butterfly house and the treehouses they had set up.  There were new ones since we had been there 3 years ago so the kids enjoyed checking them out.  And of course the butterfly house was a big hit.

And since I have absolutely no pictures of my preggo belly, there you go.  12 more weeks to go!

So far this pregnancy has been going very well.  I have been exercising 5 days a week so have been feeling great and haven't had any back pain which I normally do.  Prenatal Pilates has been helping that I believe.  I am starting to feel that 3rd trimester fatigue though and those 75 pounds of peaches we picked that are sitting in bags in my kitchen waiting to be made into jam and diced and frozen are looking might overwhelming right now.  Wish me luck.

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