Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Aiden and the presidents

Since I posted a video of Grace reciting the presidents on our former blog a couple years ago I had to post one of Aiden doing the same thing this year.  I had Grace teach him with the same book 3-4 months ago since it was good review for her.  He had it down within a day and still has it.  We were really impressed when we heard them reciting them to himself in the car at lightning speed recently so I definitely had to get a video of it.

So without further ado......here is Aiden reciting the 44 presidents of the United States in order in 15 seconds.


  1. If he slows it down so it is understandable, can he still say them? It is amazing, but I couldn't understand them all but the end I got.

  2. Yes he can! He has just recited them over and over again so many times that he can do it without hardly thinking anymore.


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