Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Comcast Building

This field trip was a little different than our typical field trip since it wasn't art, science or history.  First of all it was a cable TV company (and you all know we aren't big fans of TV) and second it was more along the lines of communications/business administration.  However it was very interesting and I am glad that we went for the experience.  Besides we really need to broaden our horizons a bit and try to be more diverse in our field trip choices.

The Comcast building is the tallest in Philly with 56 floors and we were able to go nearly all the way to the top and since we know someone who works pretty high up there we were able to have great tour.  The Comcast building is the 3rd most visited site in Philadelphia (even beating out the art museum, which is pathetic in my opinion) and mostly because of this.
The largest LCD television screen in America.  Most people don't even go into the building itself but just come to see the TV which continually plays random and interesting things.

Of course you had to be there to get the full effect but it was pretty cool......for a TV.  ;)  If you are near Suburban Station or City Hall it is worth going in to see it for 10 minutes.  You really could sit and watch it for a while.

On our tour we were able to see quite a bit having to do with the workings of the company.  From the floor where all the creative geniuses work who get to come to work in jeans and T-Shirts and play ping pong and pool all day while they think up creative ideas for Comcast (seriously, you want that job!), to the mail room where they process 26,000 pieces of mail a day, to peeking in on the control room while they filmed a live news show, to the "Sprout" channel floor,  to eating lunch in the clouds, to riding the elevator straight down 50 floors in less than thirty second and having our ears pop and more.
The kids checking out the view from the mail room, halfway up.

The studio control room.

Supposedly if we watched the "Sprout" channel we would recognize this chair.  We didn't but got a picture anyway just to prove we were there and in case we ever do see it.

The view from where we ate lunch.  As close as Liberty 1 and 2 were, when a cloud came through they were totally blocked.  It was crazy!

The kids decided if they ever worked there they would either want to work on the Sprout channel floor or with the creative geniuses so they can play ping pong all day and get paid the big bucks.  Although the mail room was pretty cool too they thought.


  1. I'm glad you guys made the trip out to see it, I took Kira to the Comcast building to see the Christmas "show" on the big screen and she loved it! I don't recognize that chair but it sure looks cool! :)

  2. I really liked the pic of the children in the chair. Naomi is a real 'poser". Just darling.

  3. So glad to see your "education" being posted. I love your posts. I haven't had time to check you out- my grapes outdid themselves this year. So I took care of the one vine- jellies and gave over half of them away. My other will be used for grape juice. Busy, busy.


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