Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall is for......walks in the park

Not that we don't go for walks in the summer but it is so much more pleasant during the fall when the air is cool and crisp.  Plus long walks are supposed to jump start labor right?  Not for me anyway.   That idea has been marked off as failed long ago along with the 101 other ways to induce labor.  I could probably hike Mt. Everest and still not induce labor.

But still, walks are pleasant ways to spend Saturday and Sunday afternoons.
Milkweed seed pods are way more fun than any old dandelion.

Sunday night we had a wonderful treat in that a hot air balloon floated directly over our house, close enough to yell hello to the riders.

We have seen them in the distance before but never this close.  What fun!

The past two days Naomi and Aiden have had raging fevers combined with some sort of stomach bug so I am thankful that the baby has not decided to make his or her appearance yet.  They seem to be better today and Asher already had it last week so we are hoping and praying that the rest of us stay healthy and the bug will be out of the house before the baby comes.  

Sick time around our house is spent in the family room listening to stories.  I am so thankful for the volunteers at Librivox.org.  Our children get so many more stories read to them than I would ever be able to.  Just during the last two days they listened to our favorite reader on her blog read them 3 whole books, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Cricket in Times Square, and The Saturdays.  It is so much better than watching movies all day and they honestly enjoy it more.

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