Saturday, October 8, 2011


The Philadelphia Art Museum has been having a special exhibit entitled Rembrandt and the Face of Jesus and I was pretty excited when someone offered us free tickets to go down to see it yesterday.   This was the first Rembrandt exhibit in Philadelphia since 1932 and the first time since 1656 that 7 paintings of the series were seen together.

So we brushed up on our Rembrandt history and I did my best to convince the kids that this was really exciting and we headed down to the city.
Look how excitedly they are running up all those stairs!  We can't wait to see Rembrandt mommy!!
Of course what's a little art museum stair running without a little Rocky history?
Totally uncultural but it had to be done nonetheless.

So anyway, once that was out of our systems we went inside and spent some time perusing the American art wing while we waited for Rembrandt to open up.
(L'annonciation by H.O. Tanner 1898)
Grace likes to look at art from all angles!

Then we stood in line with about 100 people to wait to get in.  Now this is where I started to get nervous because most of the people in line looked wealthy and the average age was about 60.   So I gave the kids the please be on your absolute best behavior talk before we all got outfitted with our audio tour and tropped in.  I just was not in the mood for negative comments.  Come to think of it, I never am but especially 37 weeks pregnant with #5.

Of course no pictures were allowed in that part of the museum but can I tell you how awesome it was to see all those Rembrandt's in one place?  All of it was his religious art as well which I think made it more interesting for the kids.  Many depictions of the Face of Jesus as well as scenes of Lazarus, Jesus blessing the children, Jesus and Pilate, Mary and Martha, The Supper at Emmaus and more.
 (The Supper at Emmaus, normally on display at the Louvre in Paris)

I was so pleased with how well the kids did in there just walking around inspecting the art as they listened to their audio tour.  The elderly "nose looker downers" turned out to be not so snooty after all and let the kids up in front to look at the art up close.  Plus I had more then one comment about how well behaved they were.   I tell you what, that just made my day.  It isn't always like that and sometimes certain children make me want to hide in a hole but thankfully yesterday wasn't one of those days.

If you are interested in seeing the exhibit it is only showing through the end of October.

After the museum we went over to Reading Terminal Market for lunch.  This was on my list of "things to do with the kids before the baby is born" so I was glad to check it off.

They thoroughly enjoyed looking at the chocolate everything including chocolate hearts, kidneys, livers and noses.  Only at Reading Terminal Market!  I could have taken a ton more pictures in there since it is such a fascinating place but taking pictures while trying to keep an eye on the kids in there didn't go too well.

After feeling like I was going to go into labor last night and having a pretty serious contraction that thankfully stopped at just one, I decided I probably over did it yesterday and am trying to take it easy.  Pretty hard for me when it is gorgeous outside today and I am dying to clean up the flower beds.


  1. Yes, you need to take it easy. You still have 23 days to go.

  2. That's awesome! I would love to see the Rembrant exibit but am definitely not as brave as you are, haha!

    Keep that baby cooking a little longer! Maybe you won't go as late this time though. I thought I was going into labor at 35 weeks with Katy after a hard day and it IS scary. ((hugs))

  3. I am totally amazed at the e3ducation you are giving your children. I think it's great. As for you, just "hang in there" a little longer.

  4. What a great post!! So glad to see the children enjoying that beautiful art exhibit. If it makes it to SD will definitely be seeing it. The children certainly deserved going to Reading Terminal Market. Kooool place!!


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