Tuesday, October 4, 2011

School and Millions of Hats

Yes I am still here.  We were having some annoying computer issues that made it difficult to do anything on the computer recently and I just got that fixed.  Two other things have also been keeping me very busy and I just couldn't make the time to post.   However time will just keep slipping away in a big blur if I don't make time to post so here we go.

School started up here for us in August but has really been going full bore since the beginning of September.  I am trying to get as much done as we can before baby arrives.  I see on my widget on the side bar that I only have 28 days left and I know it is just going to fly by.

We also joined a Classical Conversations homeschool community this year which means one day every week we are out all day.  It is a tiring day but very much worth it.  The kids enjoy it immensely, they are learning an abundant amount of new things (and so am I!) and I appreciate the help and accountability.  

This year I finally set up a school room in half of our living room.  I was really hesitating on this for a while thinking that school should be everywhere and learning should not be segregated to one room but really, who's kidding who?   It's helpful to have everything in one place and the kids think it is fun to have a school room.  We don't do everything in there anyway because all our read-alouds are still cozied up on the couch in the family room.  But in the morning we generally head into the school room to do our Classical Conversations memory work, math and handwriting.

As you can see, everyone has their own desk and I splurged on a big white board for all our memory work.

The other thing that has been keeping me off the computer are the millions of hats I have been crocheting for our church fundraiser.  They are raising money for a literacy project and training for pastors in India and each year the church is able to sponsor many Indian pastors through the fundraiser.

I have been having heaps of fun making these hats as I just ordered some new patterns as well as embellished and fancied up some of my older patterns.
 I adore the new animal hats.  They take a bit longer then the newsboy caps but are so soft and cute!

Seriously, just look at that snuggly goodness!
(borrowed baby model)

Asher loves his hat and wants to wear it everywhere!

So as you can see I haven't had the crochet hook and yarn out of my hands much these past couple weeks and it is a bit difficult to type and crochet at the same time.  

We do have some fun stuff coming up soon though which I should not neglect to post about so hopefully you will hear from me soon!


  1. I just adore those hats! I don't know where you find the engergy to do it all. Its been nice to keep in touch through your blog, though I don't comment much, I always learn something new! I want to come to your school! You are a great teacher;-) Your kids are blessed to have you.

  2. Thanks Staci! I don't comment much on blogs either but I do appreciate comments. It's nice to know I'm not talking to myself anyway. :)

    Oh and it doesn't take much energy to sit on the couch and crochet. It is actually quite relaxing so don't be too impressed!

  3. Hey Christy,
    The hats you made are just so cute! And so are all of your models :) I see on your side bar that you're reading "The Baby Catcher." I read (and enjoyed!) that one very much last winter when I was pregnant w/ Rachel. Helped me to get into the mindset of being ready for labor!

  4. Love your hats. And have missed your postings. But now understand why.

  5. Hey Alison,
    I agree the book definitely helped getting in the "ready for birth" mindset. She was a great writer too.

    Thanks Aunt Becky. Hopefully I am back to regularly posting again.

  6. Hi Christy. I don't comment often either, but had to let you know that I really enjoy reading your updates. All of your local adventures have given me some great places to visit...I didn't know about most of them. Love all of the hats too. Do you happen to remember where you found the newsboy cap pattern? I would love to make some for gifts this year.

  7. Hi Aimee,
    There are a million and one newboy cap patterns on Etsy but the one I used for these hats is by this seller.

    I added the band and buttons myself as they were not in the pattern. They are super easy though and take me 30-45 minutes.
    They make great gifts!

  8. Thanks so much Christy! I am excited to give them a try.


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