Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Simple Things

(Amanita flavoconia or "Yellow Patches")
Some pictures just really make me happy.  This mushroom growing in the woods in Maine being one of them.  I smile everytime it scrolls through on the screen saver.   Isn't it just adorable?
(Hypomeyces lactiflourum or "Lobster Mushroom")
Christian has been highly intrigued with studying fungus lately so we have a plethora of pictures of mushrooms from our vacation.  It's fascinating stuff he tells me as he curls up in bed with his mushroom book or when he brings home various and sundry mushrooms from tree jobs such as a "chicken of the woods" mushroom that he tries to tell me will taste just like chicken if we cook it and eat it.  Yes, dear.  That's nice.  You go ahead and do that.
(One of the many many types of polypores or shelf mushrooms)

I know the obsession is really getting bad when he starts using the Latin names and dreaming about taking graduate level classes on fungus.  That's o.k. though, that Amanita flavoconia still makes me smile.  Come to think of it maybe I am the odd one for thinking a mushroom is cute.

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