Tuesday, November 22, 2011

She has eyes

I just realized that all the pictures I have of Claire on the blog are with her eyes closed.  And while they are closed most of the day she is so adorable when they are open.  

I still spend most of the day on the couch nursing and now I am back to blogging one handed again so life is in the slow lane again for me.  My Mom was here today though which was great and I was able to get a bunch of things checked off the to-do list thanks to her help.  We got 5 loaves of bread baked, 2 batches of pumpkin muffins made, the kitchen floor cleaned, the stairs vacuumed and other random little things.  It felt good.   Even though I love snuggling with my babies I have a very hard time sitting still.  It's a good thing Claire needs to eat often or I would not be doing a very good job resting.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Claire has done nothing but nurse the past few days so it has been a little crazy.  Christian is awesome and a huge help but he had to go back to work on Thursday and it was a little rough.  My Mom was planning on staying longer but my poor Dad ended up in the hospital the day I had Claire and she  needed to get back to him.  I think Claire was hungry and a little impatient for my milk to come in.  Yesterday was better and last night I actually got 2 very long stretches of sleep.  I have literally either been nursing her or she has been crying so I have gotten nothing done and this is the first time that she is taking a real nap.  I'm not complaining though.  I remember with Grace when I had a drugged hospital birth how sleepy she was and how worried I was that I couldn't keep her awake to eat.  At least Claire knows what to do and now that she has a full belly she seems much more contented.  She has even been smiling for us a lot which I don't remember the others doing this much this early.

But of course I can't catch it on camera because it's random.

 I love these pictures.  The kids just adore her.  We had to break Aiden of the habit of calling her "it" which was pretty funny.  "Awwww, it's so cute", he kept saying.

Speaking of the kids.  A lot of people ask, when they heard we were planning a homebirth what we do with the kids during the birth.  I think it is sort of a funny question because no one asks you what you are doing with your kids if you are planning a hospital birth yet you need someone lined up to watch them more so in that case.  But for the sake of your curiosity, they were here with my Mom downstairs watching Toy Story 3.  Christian put the movie on right when thing started getting more intense and Claire was born before it was over.   The kids were saying for weeks that they couldn't wait until I had the baby because then they could watch a movie.  Kind of pathetic especially because we really do watch movies more often than that.  We aren't that strict!  I do think they thought though, when it was all over, that she was much better then any movie.  At least that's what I gather from the looks on their faces in these pictures  Silly kids.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Welcome Claire

For those of you who hadn’t heard, Claire Ruth was born last night at 8:21pm, 2 weeks past her due date at 8 pounds 10 ounces.  We were so thankful to have been able to have her at home since I was reaching the end of my time limit of when I would be allowed to do that.  That was the hardest part about being overdue for me was not knowing if I would have to end up in the hospital with  an induction and all that would entail.

I promised my midwife when she left last night that I would not go downstairs until she came back for her visit on Wednesday but I was having a really hard time not going downstairs and posting pictures.  Poor computer illiterate Christian managed to post a Facebook status update for me last night to let everyone know she was born but trying to explain to him how to past pictures was impossible.  Thankfully I was able to borrow my in-law's laptop so here Claire and I sit happily blogging away.  Now I have one less excuse to go downstairs.  I have a very hard time staying put but it’s for the best I guess.
 I think she likes blogging.
She's got a nice head of black hair.  Asher was the only other baby born with any hair.
Maybe I am prejudiced but I would call that a smile.
She certainly brings a smile to our faces.

For those interested in the birth story here it is.

Yesterday morning my midwife came over to try to break my water in hopes that would get things started in the least invasive way.  Unfortunately Claire’s head was so low it made it very difficult.  She also said that I must have membranes of steel since she has never not been able to break someone’s water before.  I guess that’s a sign of good health so it’s a good thing but it wasn’t helping us in this case.  So we decided to just wait things out for the day and see if even just the attempt would jump start things.   I did start getting mild contractions but they weren’t regular at all and barely noticeable so the midwife went home around 1pm and told me to call when I knew they were for real.    

By 5:00pm I had had a couple good strong contractions but they were still 15 minutes apart.   I figured I should call her though since things were likely to go fast once they really got started.  She got here around 5:30 and we hung out and chatted for about an hour or so while they slowly got closer and more intense.    From there it’s kind of a blur.  I got in the tub for a bit which is such a help and very relaxing and went through the most intense part there.  Christian told me later that I growled something about never having anymore babies but I don’t remember saying that.  I think he made it up.  Birth’s a funny thing.  I do remember him laughing at me at one point for something I said and me splashing water in his face but who likes to be laughed at when they are in labor anyway?  Of course I apologized later and he just laughed again.  He’s been through this before.

Even though I had a water birth with Asher it was just not working for me this time and I needed to get out.  I think I needed gravity.  It worked and a few minutes later with one contraction she came flying out.  I was so happy this time to be able to “catch” her myself with a little help from the midwife.  I had always wanted to before but was too out of it to try.  This time the pushing part seemed easier and I felt much more in control then I ever had before.  It was wonderful and an answer to prayer.

She is doing great.  She is a champion nurser and latched on right away.  She has great color and so far is pretty happy and contented.  The rest of the kids are thrilled that she is here and love her to pieces.  They are also pretty excited that she is a girl because it keeps the pattern going and that was important to them.  :)  We kept referring to her as a she the whole time I was in labor too which is funny.  Somehow with each of our babies we just knew.  Thanks for you prayers

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Did you try................???

Since I am notoriously overdue with all my precious babies I have heard my fair share of advice on how to get the baby out.  I am pretty sure I have heard it all and tried it all.  Castor oil, long walks, bumpy car rides, jumps on the trampoline, pineapple, greasy pizza, spicy Mexican food, eggplant parmesean, clary sage essential oil, acupuncture (why did I pay someone to stick needles in me?), massage, chiropractic, long relaxing baths, exercise, plus other things that I can't write because I don't want my blog to get hits for the wrong things.  Somehow people think you haven't heard these suggestions before.

Christian and I get a kick out of coming up with new ones.  Here's one we hadn't tried yet.  Using the hedge trimmers to cut down the ornamental grass in the front yard.  He thought I should do this job today at the last minute which is why I am not exactly dressed for the occasion.
Nope, that didn't work either.  But I can count on Christian to come up with new and exciting ways to induce labor.  Yes, "do labor to induce labor," that's what Christian keeps telling me.

Slated to be tried next is bungee jumping.  Tied around the neck of course, so the baby doesn't come out the wrong end.
Must keep laughing or I'd cry.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


I'm sorry but lack of posting does not mean the baby has arrived.  I must say that I am not surprised that I am "still here".  I find that to be a funny phrase by the way.  What is the phrase "you're still here?" supposed to mean?  I am still with child?  Yes.  I am still on planet earth?  Um, yes as well.  I guess with planning on having a home birth it sounds extra strange.  I am not going anywhere.

So here I am late as usual which thankfully hasn't bothered me as much as it has in times past.  God is in control and the baby will come when it is good and ready and there is no sense worrying about it.  In the meantime everything is ready.  The clothes and sheets are cleaned.  The bread has been baked, oodles of carrot pulp muffins baked (with pulp from Christian's daily carrot juice) the garden has been cleaned up and seeded with a cover crop of alfalfa (hoping it wasn't too late), the wood has been chopped and stacked, the sauerkraut has been made, we are well stocked with food, milk and eggs and all the floors and bathrooms are clean.  You know, all the important things.

So we are ready for the baby's arrival, we are just waiting for the baby to be ready for us.  :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's a...........

........girl.......and a boy......and a girl!
Did I get you?  He he!
As if we aren't crazy enough, we bred Lily to be due around the same time as me.  She and I actually had the same due date which was an awfully funny co-incidence.  However dogs, with only an 8 week gestation, are a lot more predictable than humans and she went right on time.  We had tried to breed her last year and she wouldn't take.   So even though the timing isn't the greatest we are still very happy that she had a litter at all.  They will also be ready to sell exactly at Christmas time.  Perfect!
Posing for their newborn shot.

In the meantime....I'm still cooking over here.
(I switched this photo to black and white because the color was wacked out)
With my trend this baby will probably wait another week or so to make his or her debut and that's o.k. with me.  I still feel great although a bit tired from not sleeping well at night this last week or so but having the baby won't change that, that's for sure.  I feel like my pregnancies keep getting easier and easier as I learn little tricks to help ease some of the common discomforts.  A great exercise program along with a high protein low carb diet has helped with weight gain.  My favorite two exercise videos are prenatal pilates and Suzanne Bowen's Long and Lean Prenatal Workout.  Supplemental quality calcium and magnesium has helped a ton with aches and pains and saved lots of money on chiropractor visits.  My pregnancy tea, spirulina, chlorella has helped with my energy levels which I need to keep up with this crew.  Lots of Omegas through supplements and flax seed oil in my morning smoothie have prevented itchy skin and stretch marks.  Maybe it sounds like a lot but it's totally worth it to not feel miserable especially with baby #5 when I am too busy to feel miserable.

Still, we are looking forward to meeting this little one and it shouldn't be long now!

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