Saturday, November 19, 2011


Claire has done nothing but nurse the past few days so it has been a little crazy.  Christian is awesome and a huge help but he had to go back to work on Thursday and it was a little rough.  My Mom was planning on staying longer but my poor Dad ended up in the hospital the day I had Claire and she  needed to get back to him.  I think Claire was hungry and a little impatient for my milk to come in.  Yesterday was better and last night I actually got 2 very long stretches of sleep.  I have literally either been nursing her or she has been crying so I have gotten nothing done and this is the first time that she is taking a real nap.  I'm not complaining though.  I remember with Grace when I had a drugged hospital birth how sleepy she was and how worried I was that I couldn't keep her awake to eat.  At least Claire knows what to do and now that she has a full belly she seems much more contented.  She has even been smiling for us a lot which I don't remember the others doing this much this early.

But of course I can't catch it on camera because it's random.

 I love these pictures.  The kids just adore her.  We had to break Aiden of the habit of calling her "it" which was pretty funny.  "Awwww, it's so cute", he kept saying.

Speaking of the kids.  A lot of people ask, when they heard we were planning a homebirth what we do with the kids during the birth.  I think it is sort of a funny question because no one asks you what you are doing with your kids if you are planning a hospital birth yet you need someone lined up to watch them more so in that case.  But for the sake of your curiosity, they were here with my Mom downstairs watching Toy Story 3.  Christian put the movie on right when thing started getting more intense and Claire was born before it was over.   The kids were saying for weeks that they couldn't wait until I had the baby because then they could watch a movie.  Kind of pathetic especially because we really do watch movies more often than that.  We aren't that strict!  I do think they thought though, when it was all over, that she was much better then any movie.  At least that's what I gather from the looks on their faces in these pictures  Silly kids.

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  1. haha, those poor kids! :P LOVE the pictures of Claire with the kids, she is so precious! She definitely looks like a Lindsay :) I'm glad she's doing better for you, can't wait to see you guys.


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