Saturday, November 12, 2011

Did you try................???

Since I am notoriously overdue with all my precious babies I have heard my fair share of advice on how to get the baby out.  I am pretty sure I have heard it all and tried it all.  Castor oil, long walks, bumpy car rides, jumps on the trampoline, pineapple, greasy pizza, spicy Mexican food, eggplant parmesean, clary sage essential oil, acupuncture (why did I pay someone to stick needles in me?), massage, chiropractic, long relaxing baths, exercise, plus other things that I can't write because I don't want my blog to get hits for the wrong things.  Somehow people think you haven't heard these suggestions before.

Christian and I get a kick out of coming up with new ones.  Here's one we hadn't tried yet.  Using the hedge trimmers to cut down the ornamental grass in the front yard.  He thought I should do this job today at the last minute which is why I am not exactly dressed for the occasion.
Nope, that didn't work either.  But I can count on Christian to come up with new and exciting ways to induce labor.  Yes, "do labor to induce labor," that's what Christian keeps telling me.

Slated to be tried next is bungee jumping.  Tied around the neck of course, so the baby doesn't come out the wrong end.
Must keep laughing or I'd cry.


  1. Sweet girl... you are beautiful doing labor while trying to induce labor :) Amazing and beautiful!

  2. You guys crack me up! Thanks for the laugh :) You look great, by the way! Did you get your hair cut shorter?

    I told Nate to read the post because it was so funny and what does he do? Enlarges the picture and says "Is that a Stihl???"

  3. Oh yeah it's a Stihl. Nothing but the best. :)

  4. haha! Glad to see you keeping your sense of humor. We're praying the baby graces us with her/his presence soon :) Hang in there Sis!

  5. Will be praying for your delivery, Christy. You look great btw!


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