Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's a...........

........girl.......and a boy......and a girl!
Did I get you?  He he!
As if we aren't crazy enough, we bred Lily to be due around the same time as me.  She and I actually had the same due date which was an awfully funny co-incidence.  However dogs, with only an 8 week gestation, are a lot more predictable than humans and she went right on time.  We had tried to breed her last year and she wouldn't take.   So even though the timing isn't the greatest we are still very happy that she had a litter at all.  They will also be ready to sell exactly at Christmas time.  Perfect!
Posing for their newborn shot.

In the meantime....I'm still cooking over here.
(I switched this photo to black and white because the color was wacked out)
With my trend this baby will probably wait another week or so to make his or her debut and that's o.k. with me.  I still feel great although a bit tired from not sleeping well at night this last week or so but having the baby won't change that, that's for sure.  I feel like my pregnancies keep getting easier and easier as I learn little tricks to help ease some of the common discomforts.  A great exercise program along with a high protein low carb diet has helped with weight gain.  My favorite two exercise videos are prenatal pilates and Suzanne Bowen's Long and Lean Prenatal Workout.  Supplemental quality calcium and magnesium has helped a ton with aches and pains and saved lots of money on chiropractor visits.  My pregnancy tea, spirulina, chlorella has helped with my energy levels which I need to keep up with this crew.  Lots of Omegas through supplements and flax seed oil in my morning smoothie have prevented itchy skin and stretch marks.  Maybe it sounds like a lot but it's totally worth it to not feel miserable especially with baby #5 when I am too busy to feel miserable.

Still, we are looking forward to meeting this little one and it shouldn't be long now!


  1. Yes, you got me!!

    Puppies are adorable, and you look great! Praying for you...

  2. Cutest little puppies! And love the B&W pic of you! So excited you all!

  3. I saw your post title and was like, "whhhaaa???" hahaha! Great puppy pics, and you look amazing too :)

  4. Oh Lily is a mommmy!!! WOW! You look great Christy! Praying for a healthy and speedy delivery for you guys <3

  5. Thanks for the update. Was beginning to wonder what was going on with the "expected one:. Praying that all goes well.


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