Monday, December 26, 2011


Bookmark made by Grace for Christian

Earrings made by Grace for me

End table made by Christian for me

Another shot with accessories because it is so awesome!

Sword for Asher made by Christian out of black walnut wood and knight costume bought HERE because I didn't have time to make one and my sewing machine was broken.

Binoculars for Christian from me.
Now to just try and keep grubby finger prints off the lenses.

Kalimba for Aiden

Automoblox truck for Asher from Grace, but it's really just an excuse for another shot of the amazing table.

Flower press for Grace
Tea set for Naomi

Christmas day supper at Christian's side of the family

What is becoming the annual Nativity play with the cousins
  Absolutely hilarious!

The cousins on my side waiting to open their presents.

This year was such a lovely simple Christmas.  For once it was not overwhelming with too many presents leaving you with a sort of empty feeling amidst the carnage of boxes and wrapping paper.  Each child got one gift from Christian and I.  Grace also gave presents to everyone as well because she just gets so excited about making things or picking out something special with her own money for everyone.  I also loved that so many gifts were handmade this year.  It makes it so much more special.  I was very surprised that Grace managed to make those earrings all by herself.  She is such a sweetheart.   I had been asking Christian to make me an end table out of a slice of tree trunk for a while but he kept telling me it would be too hard to attach legs.  He really surprised me though and made one anyway.  I LOVE it.  It is so us.

Christmas day was spent at home and we went next door in the evening to Christian's parent's for the traditional filet mignon supper.  Yum!  The next day we went to my parent's for the traditional brunch.  On the extended sides of both families we did gift exchanges so again it was simple there as well.  The gifts were well thought out and much appreciated.  But of course the best part is just getting to spend time with our families enjoying lots of laughs, story telling, games and crazy antics from the kids.
 Aren't my Mom and Dad cute in their new robes? 
(Ignore the fact that I had the wrong white balance setting on this picture)

We are taking off school this week so I can catch up on laundry (yikes!) and clean and the kids can spend time enjoying their gifts and playing games.  I also hope to get to the science museum sometime this week as my first attempt at a field trip with baby.  We'll see. 


  1. Your end table is really lovely. Your husband is very talented. My father, your great grandfather would have loved that table. He also enjoyed working with wood. One year he made my sister & me rocking cradles for our dolls. I liked Asher's sword and his picture. Soooo cute!

  2. nyoder1254@comcast.netDecember 27, 2011 at 4:15 PM

    As usual you did a great job of posting. I think perhaps when your children are all out of the house you should do writing as a second career (after being a mother). It was so nice spending time with you yesterday.


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