Saturday, December 10, 2011

Life with baby

I realized that it's been almost 3 weeks since I posted last.  That's life with a baby.   Plus the fact that it's Christmas time and I am making presents and we have puppies and I am still homeschooling.  There just isn't much time left for blogging.  Plus I am back to typing one-handed most of the time again which is just slightly laborious.

Claire is doing great.  She sleeps well, is happy most of the time and the reigning princess of the family.  When she is awake and cooing (yes she really does this and she sounds like a little dove.  It's adorable) the kids are usually found crowded around her saying over and over again "she is sooooo cute!".  Grace takes any opportunity to hold her and doesn't even mind if she is crying.  It is just wonderful having all these helpers around.  

Doing your math is much more fun when you are holding a baby.
It's also just slightly distracting.
Crocheting is also more fun with a snuggly baby sleeping on you.
I am supposed to be making Christmas presents but I just had to make one for Claire.  I had no idea owls were so popular until a friend asked me to make an owl hat for her baby and I looked on Etsy to find hundreds thousands of them.  They are cute, that's for sure!
Claire isn't so sure.
"Get this thing off me!"
"That's better!"

Oh and did I mention that we still have puppies?  They are ready to go to their new homes Christmas Eve which is so exciting.  They aren't too much work because there are only 2 of them and they are tiny but it is just one more thing to take care of.  We will definitely do it again but hopefully not at the same time as our own newborn again.

So that's where I've been.  Happy, just slightly busy.  I'll try to do better from now on.


  1. Okay, so I read your post (so cute!), and got to the puppy picture just as my puppy-loving boy walked by. He, of course, stopped dead in his tracks and let out a huge, "Awwwwwww!!!" Then came the inevitable, "He is SO cute! They are SO lucky! Are they keeping him? I want him SO much!" I agreed that he was cute, adding that your kids were extra lucky because they got new puppies *and* a new baby at the same time. There was a long pause before he said, "Wait. Their MOM had puppies???"
    And he wonders why I'm laughing so hard...

  2. Love it! Was that J? It had to have been. :)

  3. Thanks for the update :) It's good to see you all so happy! Nothing like a snuggly baby :)

  4. Oops, I didn't realize I was signed on as Nate! Guess I should change that!

  5. 2 puppies- did one die? Sooooo cute- what fun! A baby and puppies- it is wonderful to read your updates!

  6. Yes one died in the first few days. :( We aren't exactly sure why and tried to bottle feed it but it still didn't make it.

  7. Yes. They went fast and we didn't even have to advertize.


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