Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ordinary Days

Compared to what our life was like a short year and a half ago our days seem just so ordinary.  Maybe my blogging seems boring since then but that's fine with me and I count my blessings everyday that they can be so.  I was just reflecting today again how gracious God was to us to miraculously rescue us in our desperate situation.

Peaceful days with family are not to be taken for granted.

Monopoly with Daddy in the evenings.
Reading and laughing together at night near a warm wood stove.
Good thing we have hard workers to help carry in all that wood!

Since Claire is such a gem of a baby I have been able to complete a couple of projects that I found on Pinterest.   The first was a faux canvas of our last name using letters from here.  We had a lot of fun picking out the letters and I really like the way it turned out.  Thanks for the idea Sarah!

The next two were again the "Thrifty Canvas" idea that I found on Pinterest.  I love the clean simple look that really draws attention to the photographs.  Of course I am seeing where I could have done a better job but all in all I really like the way they look.  I did not take the above stunning pictures of Christian in the giant tulip poplar, those were done by the very talented Kevin High for the business.

Since Amy requested baby pictures here are a couple.  Claire continues to be a delight and a joy.  I am also having lots of opportunity to play with the camera since I have such an adorable subject!

I hesitate to post the following but since people ask and since I referenced it at the beginning of this post I will.  Ann recently updated her website with an update on Patrick (now Greyson).  If you read it you can see that he still deals with some intense challenges.  Her last letter  sounded to me
a little more positive but I can see now that he most likely is going to continue his ups and downs like he did when he was here.  It's just that as he grows and gets bigger his "downs" are becoming more intense and harder to deal with.  I am so thankful though that he is in the best and safest place he can be right now and is getting the attention that he needs.  The adoption is not complete but legal custody was completed in September so all the decisions are hers at this point.  If you think of it, keep her in your prayers.  As amazing as Ann is it is still a challenge and she still needs wisdom and discernment to best parent those boys.  

I would have more to say on that but I will leave it there.  I am getting better but the issue is still sensitive to me as you can imagine and I am not sure how vulnerable I would like to be in this space.  So if my posts continue to be boring, so be it.  Boring is cool with me right now.   


  1. Your posts are anything but boring. You are such an interesting person, and I'm not just saying that because I'm your mom.
    Love you and your family. xoxoxoxo

  2. Now how do you know you aren't just saying that because you are my Mom? You have never been anything but. I think you definitely are prejudiced but thanks anyway. ;) How's that for an "interesting" comment?

  3. I agree with your Mother. Your posts are NOT boring!! I just love to see your family growing. It warmed my heart to see your post on FB about Naomi's comment regarding her friends parents. What a sensitive child. Asher is soo cute carrying wood.

  4. O.K., O.K., I'm not boring. :) There is definitely less drama though, you have to admit that.

    Naomi was really upset about the whole bible thing. She then went to another friend after church to see if her parents read the bible to her or not and when she said they didn't she was even more flabbergasted. She is now trying to figure out how we can have bible studies at our house for her friends. :)

  5. I love your pictures and your posts!

  6. I can understand that talking about Patrick is sensitive. I can't wrap my brain around how hard it has been for all of you, on so many level. thanks for the update. We will pray for Ann and the boys!

    Naomi- what a sweetie!

  7. I, too, am thankful for boring, ordinary days :) And your family is NEVER boring anyway. You have an incredible life there on the "farm" :)
    I love the family picture collage you made on the wall. I'm just trying to go through the hundreds of pics I have on my computer from the last two years and make a photo album! A bit overwhelming :)
    Anyway, you are truly blessed.

  8. I do understand this sensitive subject. We were walking a similar path back then.

    So glad that your life is more settled and "boring" now. I long for the days of settled and boring. While we did find a new family for our adopted son, the trauma that he did to his youngest sister continues to interrupt our daily lives. As she gets older and bigger, her "downs" are also becoming more intense and harder to deal with. She is only 10 ... and her teen years absolutely terrify me. I don't know how we will survive another 8 years of her in our home, unless the Lord does a miracle in her heart and mind.

    Recently, I have been considering the option of boarding schools. So hard.

    Please keep us in your prayers.


  9. I am so sorry Laurel. I really feel your pain. :( I know another family that had to make the decision to put their adopted child in boarding school. She said it was the best decision for them. This is from a homeschooling family. It's hard when your dream doesn't pan out like you thought it would. It's hard when you have to make decisions you never thought you would have to make. I will keep you in my prayers.

  10. I read this last week and was going to comment but my un-boring life prevented me from doing so. ;) I love reading about your beautifully boring life. It was good to read the update on Patrick. Praying for him, his caretakers, and for you and your family.

  11. That's good Denise because I like reading about your "un-boring" life so we're even. Of course I wish it wasn't so hard for you but you certainly can't call your life boring by any stretch.


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