Thursday, February 2, 2012

Baby faces and a birthday

Claire laughed for the first time this week.  We were a funny little bunch, all crowded around the baby trying to get her to giggle some more.  She is the superstar in this house and every little new thing she does is met with ooo's and awe's and calling the rest of the family to come see what she is doing.

I love her cooing face.

We also had a fun field trip to the Mercer Museum in Doylstown this week.  The kids participated in 3 different programs about colonial life in Bucks county and also got to play in the fun folk toys exhibit that they currently have there in the new addition to the building.
The museum, with the exception of the addition, is built entirely of concrete because Henry Mercer did not want to risk having the building burn down and losing his gigantic collection.
I didn't get a lot of good pictures because the lighting was so poor (don't they think of photographers when they plan lighting?) and because I was carrying Claire and all the stuff.  I wish I had though because the eccentric Henry Mercer had quite a massive collection of very interesting artifacts. The kids had fun running around the narrow passages and winding stairways of the museum.

In other news, Asher turned 4 this week.  Yes he has the same shirt on and yes we were at the museum on his birthday, because that's how we roll. 
He was very excited to be turning 4 for two reasons.  One, because he could start a new school book for 4-year-olds and two, because 4-year-olds run faster than 3-year-olds.  Now he is saying that he can't wait until he is 5 so he can run even faster!


  1. oh my goodness, can't wait to see Claire in person on Saturday. She is sooooo adorable.

    Her unbiased Grammy

  2. What a precious little face! No wonder she's the superstar of the household :) Is that a baby hammock I saw in the background??

    Christy, I just have to say, you are super homeschool mom!! I don't know how you do all these activities and with a newborn in tow!

  3. Loved Asher's B/d pictures. And little Grace--she is about the cutest child ever!

  4. Ginger,
    It's not a baby hammock but a cool cradle swing that my parents got for Claire. She loves it and so do I! It's called the Papasan swing.

  5. I love Asher's reasons for being excited about turning four! So cute. Very cute picture of him, and the pictures of Claire are absolutely adorable!

    I can't believe I've never been to the Mercer Museum! I think it's time to remedy that!


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