Thursday, February 9, 2012

Medeival Festival

On Sunday we headed to one of our favorite local field trip spots, the Glencairn Castle, for their Medieval Festival.  We had been there this past spring and the kids were very excited to be going back.  The castle, house, and cathedral were all built by Raymond Pitcairn in the beginning of the 20th century to look like authentic medieval architecture.  Everything was hand-made using medieval methods.  It is absolutely gorgeous and I highly recommend visiting this very unique spot in the Philly suburbs.

We didn't get very many pictures of the inside this time but you can see more on my last post.
It is stunningly beautiful though.

This guy was demonstrating many different types of medieval instruments that he had hand made himself.  The kids were fascinated listening to him talk about and play them.
We also got to go on a "pilgrimage" to Santiago de Compostela, the legendary burial place of St. James and popular medieval pilgrimage site.  Here the kids are donning their pilgrim garb and learning about life as a christian pilgrim.

After our pilgrimage we had a chance to tour the rest of the castle and explore the many different rooms that housed John Pitcairn's extensive collection of medieval and Egyptian artifacts.  I was a happy homeschooling mom to hear my kids say "Mommy look!  This stuff is from the 2nd intermediate period!" and "Hey!  It's Hyksos!".

Nice mummified aligator.

The also tried their hands at quill pen writing.

Weaving and spinning demonstration.

Stained glass demonstration.

One thing about this trip that made me very excited this time was seeing the kids make more connections and be more interested in certain aspects of the tour due to our involvement with Classical Conversations this year.  There were many things mentioned from our memory work such as Constantine and the Edict of Milan, the crusades, cathedrals in Europe, various periods in Egypt, Hyksos, the industrial age and tycoons, the Renaissance, and more that I can't remember now.  It was really fun seeing their eyes light up as they recognized the different words and phrases and then pay better attention to what was being talked about because of it.  Hooray for CC!


  1. I know that place! Great pictures!

  2. So glad you got to the Medieval Festival! It's so inspiring to hear how your kiddos have benefited from Classical Conversations!


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