Friday, February 17, 2012


I feel like we have been so busy lately and it just has not slowed down.  It's all good stuff but I hardly have a moment to catch my breath.  This past weekend we took a trip down to Ocean City, MD to visit Son'Spot again.  They needed a little bit of tree work done while the season was slow but really I think it was just the Lord's way of getting us down there for refreshing and to slow down and rest.

You never know what will be  happening there on any given day which part of the reason we love it so much.  When we got there on Friday we helped clean out the old bread that they had set out for people to take as they had need, and refilled the shelves and store the new bread that had just come in.

The kids had a lot of fun feeding the birds the old moldy bread.
It is miraculous how the Lord continues to provide for this ministry.  While they do serve a lot of food there and deliver bags of food to many needy people's homes in the area, their main goal is preaching the gospel to the many people who come to Ocean, City, MD every year.  The free meal draws people in but hopefully they won't leave without hearing about Jesus, the Bread of Life.

We participated in a couple different bible studies and sharing times, were greatly encouraged by some amazing spirit filled believers and heard stories of incredible conversions.  We shared at one meeting about our marriage which hopefully benefited some and the kids and I helped lead worship on Sunday morning.   You never know what is going to happen at the Son'Spot or who will be there but it is always a blessing.  We felt very refreshed as we traveled home.

I have no other pictures from our time there except this one.
Nice, huh?
Christian thought it would be a good idea to wrap some floss around that poor girl's dangling tooth and yank it out once and for all.  It didn't really work too well, so we had to cut off the ends and let it dangle there a little longer until it decided to come out on it's own.  Funny thing is that it ended up "disappearing" while she was eating lunch so she most likely swallowed it.  She is now the cutest little toothless 6 year old ever. 


  1. Just a little correction. She is not toothless as she only lost her two front teeth. Dentures at 6 would be a little rough.

  2. Aww we LOVE Naomi :). Glad you could go- we miss going down! Calli and I would like to go to the women's gathering in march. Your family is beautiful.

  3. Wow, the guy who made the toothless comment sure is literal, isn't he? Just sayin. ;)

    That is literally the cutest picture of Naomi I have ever seen!

    (Sorry, couldn't resist. It is an excellent picture, though!)

    Glad you got away for some relaxation and encouragement...


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