Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hello Spring!

"....Winter's come and gone, a little bird told me so.
Oh little red bird
Come to my window sill....
....Oh little blue bird
Pearly feather breast...."
"......And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils."

~William Wordsworth

So it's not technically spring yet but it sure feels and looks like it.  I think because of that it is the first year that we got around to getting our spring garden planted; that and the fact that we got the garden cleaned up and prepped in the fall so there wasn't much to do to get it ready.

Christian moved our asparagus from the out of the way spot they were in to the main garden bed so we can keep a better eye on them.  I am hoping they will still produce this year after being moved.  There is nothing like fresh picked asparagus.  Store bought asparagus doesn't even compare.  Every morning last spring Christian would go outside and pick some for his omelet and leave a few for me to make one with swiss cheese.  O.k. now I'm drooling, I've got to stop or I think I might cry if they don't come up.
I planted the rest of the garden with peas, Swiss chard, bok choy, mesclun, spinach and lettuce.  I can't wait for fresh greens!

Now that the weather is turning pleasant we also started on another outside project.  Christian ripped up the concrete sidewalk in the front of the house and is going to lay a brick walkway to the front door to match the patio and walk to our main door.  We still have tons of leftover bricks that we had gotten for free so there should be plenty to finish this project.

I forgot to get a before picture so here is an "in progress" picture.

And of course we have to get the kids involved!

We just get so much enjoyment out of working in the yard.  The inside of the house may be falling apart but at least the yard and gardens look nice and we get our fair share of vitamin D.


  1. Unfortunately for my children, I'm outside-challenged and just going to try to plant our first little garden this year. Something else for this homeschooling mom to learn . . .


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