Saturday, March 24, 2012


I was happy to see that the asparagus decided to make it's appearance this week, crunchy, juicy and succulent as always.  It's always best snapped off at the base and eaten raw whilst standing in your garden inspecting the rest of the new growth.  The peas are shooting up and the lettuce appears to be sprouting.  It's always a happy day to see that yes the seeds "work".  It's never less miraculous to watch the birth of new life emerge through the soil.  So simple - buried and watered - and yet so complex.  Deep thoughts happen in the garden; it's where we were meant to be.

We can't get enough of planting things around here and Christian is the most guilty culprit, at least when it comes to trees.  As if we don't have enough trees around here, he is always bringing home saplings that he has dug up in someones woods.  This time it was a couple holly trees that Asher and Naomi helped him plant on the edge of the property.  Thankfully on the edge since they aren't exactly my favorite but they will make a nice spot for the birds to build safe nests or hang out as they fly back and forth from the bird feeder.

Busy days are ahead, weeding, mulching and planting but it's the kind of busy that I like.

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  1. Asher is so cute with the shovel!! I hope he never looses those gorgeous eyes!! Talking about weeding--O My--my worst chore!!


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