Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Growing up

I have never had a baby even remotely interested in food this early.  All of them choked, spluttered and gagged on everything until they were at least 10 months.  Claire however has decided that she marches to her own beat, and has declared that she is famished and would please like to be included with the users of utensils please.  Since grains are not a friendly first baby food around here avocados are her new best friend and she will quickly eat 1/2 of one at a sitting.   I never thought I would have to be feeding a baby in the Bumbo seat because they couldn't sit up on their own yet.

In the meantime we have been terribly busy with schooling which is the reason for my lack of posts lately.  I am having Grace and Aiden go for Memory Master with our Classical Conversations group this year so we are spending a lot of time reviewing for that on top of our regular lessons.  Being that Memory Masters memorize the following you will see that it is no small task.... 

-A timeline of 160 events from creation to modern times; 
-Twenty-four history sentences of dates and events in U.S. history; 
-Twenty-four science questions and answers covering human anatomy, chemistry, and origins; 
-Multiplication tables through the fifteens plus squares and cubes, conversions, and math laws; 
-All fifty states and their capitals plus seventy physical features on the U.S. map; 
-Twenty-four definitions or lists from English grammar; 
-Latin vocabulary lists and John 1:1–7 in Latin;
-The forty-four U.S. presidents.

For some reason that list looks short to me itemized like that but it isn't, trust me.  They learned a lot this year.  Having worked on it all year they pretty much have it with just some minor slip ups here and there but I want to keep up with it regularly so it is committed to their long term memory.  We have a little over 2 weeks left until testing time so hopefully I will be back with the good news that they did it!

In addition to that the kids and Christian are also participating in a musical that our church is doing this weekend.  Christian singing, you say?  Don't worry he has mostly spoken lines.  He is a pretty fabulous actor though if I do say so myself.  Maybe he missed his calling, swinging around up there in the trees with only the squirrels as an audience.  I think he would say no thanks and he will stick with church plays, thank you very much.  Besides, the squirrels seem to like his singing.  At least they don't hold their ears anyway.

After typing most of that one-handed while nursing the babe I think I am done. 


  1. I'm always jealous of the babies that get to eat avocados every day, I'd love that diet too=)

  2. Yes, and if only the rolls on my belly looked as cute at the rolls on hers. :)

  3. Aww, she's getting so big! Good luck Grace and Aiden!

  4. Wow that is wonderful-the children committing all that list to memory! And you said the list is short?! That is a lot of memorizing. Claire is such a sweet child!

  5. I don't know how I missed this post...! Ha, now you know how I always felt. My kids were always ravenous eaters, and it's kind of a pain because they were ALWAYS hungry and I have to plan every trip out around FOOD. Good for her, though, I love me some avocados!

    That list is incredible! I admire how hard you all are working, unlike us slackers... LOL

    Also, thanks for the links on the sidebar. Looking forward to reading away. :)


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