Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Limerick Power Plant

Last week the power plant about 25 minutes from us was having a community night/open house where you could learn all about nuclear power and how it is made and how wonderful, clean, safe, and efficient it is.  Oh no, there was no brain washing going on here.  It really is wonderful, clean, safe and efficient.  I love nuclear power!

These cooling towers were pretty cool to see up close.

The next picture is in the test control room where they test out possible problems and solutions.
"You gotta be kidding me!", she is thinking.  "You really think this stuff is safe?"

Seriously though, we did learn a lot.  Whether it was all true or not is debatable.   We got to test out radon detectors, meet the security crew, learn how they store the old fuel cells and get our picture taken by a cool heat sensing camera.  Our favorite was meeting the security crew.  Did you know that nuclear power plants are the most secure facilities in America?  There is miles and miles of barbed wire, a highly trained security team of ex-marines and miles of those concrete highway dividers all around the parking lot.  The security team let us check out their night vision goggles and heat sensing cameras that they have on their guns.  I wanted to take a picture but they wouldn't let me.  :(

But here is our picture taken by their heat sensing camera.  Pretty funny!
Plus we got lots of cool stuff including free ice cream.  Hmmm.....free ice cream....should I be suspicious?  Maybe........  At least it wasn't green and nobody is sick yet......

It was a very interesting visit though, and they have a community night every year if you are interested in seeing it for yourself.


  1. haha! Funny post! love the family portrait too, you look hot :P


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