Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Martin Guitar

Here I go again getting behind in my blogging, a sure sign that I am doing to much.  Must cut back!  Last week was a busy one with the kids finishing up their Classical Conversations year by Grace and Aiden becoming Memory Masters!  It was a lot of work but gave them quite a sense of accomplishment to have done it.  We are very proud of them.

We also took a tour of our local library (no pictures) last week which was quite informative and fun.  Our children's librarian did a great job explaining everything to the children, and they enjoyed getting a behind the scenes look at how the library works.  I highly recommend it, especially if you are at the library as much as we are.  Plus it is free, and you can't beat that!

Last week we also visited the Martin Guitar Factory in Nazareth.  I loved this one.  O.k. maybe I say that about every field trip, but I love seeing how things are made and Martin Guitars are pretty cool.   They are really big into their tours there, and they very organized and informative.  Since it can be a bit noisy in the factory, the tour guide is miked and each person has a headset so they can hear.  That was a big plus since sometimes you get behind in a big group anyway and can't hear what is going on.

Since most of the guitar assembly is done by hand, you can see why these babies are so pricey.  That and the fact that they are made out of quality hardwood such as rosewood or mahogany.  Did you know that Martin Guitars have lifetime warranties though?  So if you ever see one at a yard sale, snag it! (Highly unlikely, but you never know)

{picture taken purely because of his attire}
{high tech clothespins holding the ribbing in place}

{a technician applying the pearling}

{buffing the body}

Maybe someday one of their CDs will be on that wall!

The tours run daily Monday - Friday, 11:00-2:30pm and are free to the public.  No reservations needed unless you have a group.  There is also a great museum therewith lots of fun things to see about the history of Martin Guitar and some of the famous musicians who play them.

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