Monday, June 4, 2012

Pirate Baby

The kids love playing dress-up, and thankfully we have a huge trunk of clothes that a good friend mailed to us when her kids were done with them.  (Thanks Holland!).  They are very frequently used and this particular day this past week the kids asked to dress Claire up as well.  How could I say no?  What fun it is to dress-up your baby sister!

The funny thing is that every time I pull these pictures up on the computer, if Claire is sitting on my lap, she starts laughing.  She is sitting on my lap as I type this and is giggling away.  Somehow she knows it's funny!

On another funny note, while I was taking these pictures, Naomi says, "Hey Grace, I'll be the princess and you rescue me from my deadly peril!"  This girl says the wildest things.  I can hardly believe that she will only be turning 7 in a few days.  She is more like going on 18.


  1. What a DARLING child. Where did she get those eyes?!!

  2. Those are Yoder eyes. Can't you tell!?


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