Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer fun and summer sadness

Ah...summer time!  There has been a lot going on and not much time to post.  So here is the latest all in one post.  I need to write it all down or I will forget.
The puppies are cute as ever. We still have one available if anyone wants one.
The kids are being as creative as ever and recently put on a circus with their cousins.  Grace did the face paint.

Trixie the circus cat obliged by going through the "ring of fire".

I don't think she wanted to do it again.

Mr. Asher was in charge of the drum roll.
The line up of all the circus performers. 
{The sun made a weird glare on this picture.}
Christian's parents finally got their pool set up, so we have been enjoying being able to swim whenever we want.  That is when it isn't green.
We spent a nice Father's Day at the park.  I don't know if this guy can handle any more kids. He's got his hands full!
Grace and Aiden had their first agility contest with their Alpacas. 
They did amazingly well considering we are very new to the club.

The peas were great fun to shell while listening to Daddy read at night.

We are participating in the National Bible Bee this summer and working on memorizing lots of bible verses.  After doing all that memory work with Classical Conversations last year I felt like we needed to fill the void this summer with something, and this was the perfect fit!  It has been a lot of fun, and of course the kids are doing really well.

I have no pictures of this but Grace, Aiden and Naomi also participated in a science camp hosted by our local library.  They really enjoy all things science, and I appreciate any opportunity to get some help teaching them, since science experiments are not my forte. 

On a very sad note, our friend Calli Derstine went to be with Jesus after a very difficult fight with cancer over the past year.  She was our neighbor, we were in a home group with the family, and she was also our kid's babysitter.  They loved her very much, and I was heartbroken to have to give them the news that she passed away last week.  We all attended the funeral and burial yesterday, and while I was so sad that our kids had to go through this (I don't think I went to my first funeral/burial/viewing until I was in college for my grandfather) we have also had a lot of good deep conversations recently.   There have been a lot of questions about death, heaven and hell, sin and salvation.  Calli loved the Lord with all her heart and left a wonderful legacy for our children and many others about how you can live for the Lord at even a young age.

We recently read the story in the bible to the kids about how David, when his first son with Bathsheba died, worshiped the Lord.  Naomi was flabbergasted that David would do that after his baby died.  Try as we might to explain it, she still had a hard time coming to grips with it.  Yet here we were at the funeral yesterday, and she watched first hand as Calli's parents worshiped God in the midst of unimaginable grief.  She placed a rose on the casket and watched as the grave was lowered into the ground and we sang "Praise God from whom all blessings flow."  And she cried, but I think she started to understand.  She asks the most profound questions of any 7 year old that I know.  And while it may take her a while to understand a matter, she will continue to ponder and wrestle with it until she does.  She will take ideas from books we have read (most recently The Golden Key by George MUST read this book) and analyze them and apply the ideas to life situations.  It's really quite amazing to witness.  Kids are capable of so much more than we give them credit or opportunity.

So that was super long.  I don't know if anyone would bother to read all that, but I blog for myself and my memory so it doesn't matter anyway. It also needs to be edited better but my brain is too fried, so there you have it.
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