Thursday, August 23, 2012

Goodbye puppies!

Oh happy day!   The puppies are all officially sold.  This time around it took longer to sell them, as we had to advertise and they didn't all sell by word of mouth like last time.  I spent a lot of time corresponding with potential buyers via email, and answering the same questions over and over again got a little old by the end.  Since I had also started homeschooling this week it was just a little crazy.  I wanted to pull my hair out several times this week.

I have the puppies mostly potty trained by this point and the kids love playing with them, so it is a little hard to see them go.  But they are all going to wonderful homes where they will be spoiled rotten, which makes it a little easier.  

These things drive me nuts when they are littler with peeing and pooping all over the kitchen floor but by the end, I must admit that I get really attached.
Tonight is Peanut's last night here.  Her buyer is coming tomorrow to pick her up so he can surprise his wife. I love that!  One from our last litter was bought to surprise a wife as well.

"Gregory" goes to his new home next week, so we get to love on him a little longer.

"Toby" went to live in Connecticut.  He looks like the preppy New England type, doesn't he?

I was ready to quit a month ago, but now that they money is in the bank I think maybe we can do this just one more time.  :)


  1. ah yes...puppies gone, but money in hand, similar to fogetting the pain of childbirth after baby is born!


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