Sunday, August 26, 2012

Montgomery County Youth Field Day

Yesterday Christian took Grace and Aiden to our county's field day.  The purpose of this event is to introduce kids to outdoor sport such as archery,  fishing,  trapping,  canoeing,  firearms, and wilderness survival.  With the numbers of youth hunters, fishers and trappers dwindling, the PA game commission is concerned that kids should be exposed to these traditions to keep them alive.  Thus this FREE event was born, and what a blast it was!
 (Smelling fox urine)
(Burrying a trap)
(Radio tracking a deer)
There were a few hundred kids there, but it was highly organized and very informative and fun for the kids and Christian.  Even though there were so many kids there, as you could see they got a lot of one on one instruction, which was awesome.  We've been to some events where it was just masses of people and sort of a free for all.  This was not one of those events.

We heartily recommend it!  Check it out for next year!


  1. As always, lots of good pictures from the master photographer! And nice bulls eyes, Grace & Aiden!

  2. I'm so glad you guys had a chance to take advantage of this free event. Hubby & daughter really enjoyed it last year - tho they got rained out half-way through the day.

  3. es definitely liked the "bulls eyes". Great job, Children!

  4. Thanks, Christie. I've put this link onto my Facebook page with the hope that some of our friends in the homeschooling community might consider registering or volunteering this August 2013.

    1. Great Miriam! Has your family participated in this before?


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