Thursday, August 9, 2012

Never a dull moment

After two weeks of a very relaxing vacation, I thought I was ready to jump back into normal life with vim and vigor.  However, the heat and humidity, the pile of mail, and a huge list of things to do and people to call quickly made me lose momentum.    I'm getting there, but it's just a bit slower than anticipated in my dream-like vacation state of mind.

To top off all the craziness, Christian discovered a yellow jacket colony was making rather a large nest in the ceiling of our coat closet.  When he went in there to get something a couple days ago, he noticed that the ceiling in one area looked a little wet and "spongy."  When he poked it, his finger went right through, and yellow jackets started pouring out of the hole.  While everyone ran for cover, he quickly closed the closet door, applied tape around all the openings, and then tried to kill all the ones that had escaped.  Thankfully no one was stung.  This is the kind of thing expected from living in an old house, but unfortunately this was in the new addition section of our entryway.  :(  

So the question was how to get them our without calling an exterminator and spending lots of money.

Well it just so happens that our friend and neighbor across the street started keeping honey bees this past year and had a bee suit.  He suggested that Christian don the bee suit, open the hole in the ceiling more and use a shop-vac to vacuum them all out and clean out the nest.  Genius!.....although possibly dangerous.

First we had to put plastic up over the entry way to the rest of the house so none would escape.
Next, Christian put on the handy dandy bee suit.  Notice the duct tape around his ankles.  This man did not want to get stung.  :)
Next, spaceman had to remove everything out of the closet so that no yellow jackets would hide out in any of our clothes or shoes.
  Then the kids watched from the safety of the office as Christian and Dale worked on vacuuming out all the yellow jackets.  Entertainment at its best!

Thankfully he was able to get the queen so our problem should be solved.
Mission accomplished!

The moral of the story is:  When you do an addition, remember to put up that last little bit of soffit at the corner.  It just may save you a whole lot more work later. 


  1. You sure do post exciting blogs! Who would have thought??? Bees in the closet? Yikes. But Christian to the rescue. What a guy!

  2. I just watched a nature show that said you should never vacuum up the bee's.....but maybe that was just if you don't have a handy dandy bee suit;) glad you got them outta there!

  3. That's funny Staci! It worked for us but I don't know if I would recommend it without a bee suit. :)

  4. Welcome home! I seem to remember you once writing about how your life was boring. I don't think so. ;) That's a great picture of the kids watching the entertainment!

  5. You are right. I did say that, didn't I? I guess compared to life when P was here it may have seemed boring. It's just different now. But you are right, it isn't boring. :)

  6. Yikes! That is not what I was expecting when I clicked on this blog post :P. Glad you got em all out without incident! Go space man... erm, I mean Christian!


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