Thursday, September 27, 2012

Morris Arboretum

Tuesday we went down to Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia with my parents, my sister Dawn and her daughter, and my sister Amy and her three kids.  We had been there several times before, but it has been a number of years for us even though Christian makes it down there more often for classes.  I had forgotten how lovely it was.  Aiden kept walking around saying, "I love it here, it's so pretty!"
Maybe it was the cost.  It is a little pricy when you are taking a gaggle of kids.  Thankfully my sister is a super duper deal finder and managed to get all of us except one in for free.  New Jersey libraries let members check out museum passes to various museums in the area and she used two library cards to check out two passes.  She is awesome and saved just us $48!  I'm also thinking PA needs to get in on that action.
Since the last time we were there they installed this canopy walk through the trees and the birds nest that you see in the distance here.
How could the kids not love this?
Then we all completed a scavenger hunt with the kids in which they needed to get their passbook stamped at different stations around the arboretum.  That was a lot of fun and helped give us some focus.  :)
We would really like to get back there in the spring, and while a membership is tempting I think we will wait until Dawn can check out those passes again in 6 months.  :)

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  1. Beautiful!

    I always love to hear about your field trips.

    Laurel :)


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