Saturday, September 22, 2012

We're back!

After thinking that we were going to have to stay another night, the ended up releasing us last night, for which I was so extremely thankful.  Since we weren't on the ICU we had to share a room, and there was a baby in that room that was fussy and kept us from getting much needed sleep.   Not to mention that we didn't even get to the room until 2am after 6 hours in the ER.  I really do love the people there at CHOP but it takes forever get things moving there sometimes! 

Claire has a bladder infection.  That is what her doctor here originally thought but they were not able to do the test here (for reasons I don't want to say) or at the local hospitals so that is why she sent us to the city.  Of course once down there they started thinking it could be all these other infectious diseases, even though she had no other symptoms.  It's frustrating but when you go to the hospital and you tell them that your child is not vaccinated they automatically start thinking it is polio or diphtheria or meningitis or whatnot.  It's slightly annoying.  Especially when it's all said and done and they say "yup, classic bladder infection".

So anyway, we're back and Claire is feeling much better after even just two doses of antibiotics.  Now to catch up on some sleep.......


  1. Thanks for the update ... sooo glad to hear it was just a bladder infection and that you are home sweet home. Hope you are able to catch up on some sleep today while you enjoy this beautiful day!

  2. thanks for the update- we have been prayer for her (and you guys!) glad it was nothing major. I have been thankful that grandview hasn't jumped all over me with the not vaccinated stuff. Julia was just in there with croup and I thought for sure they were gonna be all over it saying its whooping cough. Nope. Viral, treated her, released. whew. school is a different story though, they send them home for every cough saying it might be pertussis. It is kinda annoying;)

  3. I'm just seeing this! I'm so glad that Claire's okay and I hope you were able to catch up on your sleep. The vaccination thing is frustrating. Very sweet picture of Claire...


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