Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Zoo and Wildlife on the Homefront

I see that the last time I posted was September 30th.  Yikes!  The last two weeks I have been so busy overhauling the upstairs bedrooms I haven't had a moment to compose a post, even though there has been a lot to post about.   Besides that, Claire has been teething something awful and waking up at night crying for an hour  or more at a time.  I finally broke down and bought a new amber teething necklace to replace the one I lost and she is back to almost normal.  At least she doesn't need Tylenol anymore anyway and she isn't crying uncontrollably.

So a couple weeks ago we went down to the Philly Zoo.  Christian has a friend whose wife works at the Zoo, and last time Christian saw his friend he gave us a bunch of free passes to get in.  We have been going on so many free field trips this year it's awesome!  Especially since the new improved budget doesn't allow for as many as we were taking last year.
Christian was having way too much fun taking pictures of this giraffe, who was acting like he had peanut butter stuck to the roof of his mouth.
We love the Chinese Red Panda!
Christian overheard a zoo keeper remark to someone that they keep the flamingos pink by feeding them beta carotene.
"Good grief!  Are we almost done!?

Besides the zoo the kids have been enjoying the unseasonable warm weather lately and spending a lot of time outside.  They are out nearly all day sometimes, barely coming in to eat and then heading back out again.  I gave them off school this past week so I could finish up the bedrooms and they kept themselves quite busy playing outside.
One of their favorite things do do is to climb this Bradford Pear that Christian and I keep threatening to cut down.  If you are looking to plant a tree please do not plant a Bradford Pear.  They are the junkiest trees but how do you cut down your kids' favorite tree?  :(
This little box turtle was found wandering around the back yard recently.
It's that time of the year, and wildlife is on the move.  We have been seeing a lot of praying mantises, turtles, spiders and other creepy crawlies lately.  The kids will put them in a box or jar for a few hours to examine them, and then send them on their merry way.  Asher had a pet caterpillar that he kept right with him all day today, saying he was just like his Daddy.  He was even so kind as to let the caterpillar curl up and take a nap on his shirt while I read him a story.  :)  I love 4-year-olds.  

As soon as I get the curtains up upstairs I'll post pictures of the finished rooms!  Stay tuned...


  1. I see Grace is taking after her dad LOL...

  2. Great pictures, again! Isn't the amber teething necklace amazing?! I tried to tell myself it was all in my head but everytime I would lose it or leave it off her for a couple days she'd return to her miserable, teething self, crazy! I like the Philly zoo, you can't beat free tickets either. The primate house is pretty cool now too. Can't wait to see the room makeover pictures!


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