Friday, November 30, 2012

Comfort and Joy

It has been a busy last month and I haven't had nary a moment to blog.  I really don't have a moment now either, but in order to preserve the memories I am making the time.  The fire is crackling with hickory bark and Christian is reading The Lord of the Rings to the kids.  Naomi is braiding Grace's hair and Aiden is kicking Asher......oh wait.....that doesn't fit the Norman Rockwell scene I was trying to paint.  Oh well.

Anyway, as for what we have been up to...

I got an amazing deal on Please Touch Museum tickets recently so I took the kids down there the day before Thanksgiving.  I was worried about it being crowded, but it wasn't bad and there were no school trips which was definitely a good thing.

Claire was particularly delighted with the carousal ride.

She was also enthralled with the rain forest rhythm room.

While this museum is geared toward kids 6 and under my 11, 9 and 7 year old enjoyed it just as much.  We took in a fun puppet show, explored the Alice in Wonderland exhibit, the kid size supermarket, and this Christmas village.

We also celebrated Claire's first birthday a couple weeks ago.  She just recently started walking and all the bigger kids are taking such delight in watching her take her first steps.  She is such a joy!

Then of course there was Thanksgiving.  We had three days of feasting and family.  The first day at my Uncle and Aunt's home with my Dad's side of the family and my cousins.  We always enjoy being with them and were glad we could make it.  

The next day we spent with my parents and sisters and their families.  We took our traditional hike/walk through the woods and were able to sneak in a family portrait before the setting sun quickly departed.  I am looking at Grace and Aiden in this picture and wondering how it is that I have such old looking children already.

Last night Grace, Aiden and Naomi had the first of three Christmas concerts with their home-school choir this year.  It was so gratifying to hear what they had been working on so hard week after week.  After wondering if all this shuttling and time was worth the effort, hearing the four choirs perform last night I was thoroughly convinced that yes it was.

Our days are full and rich these days.  I am making every effort to keep to our morning time routine every day.   Some days it is crazy and broken up with a noisy baby or a talkative 4-year-old but we plod on.  I am always glad we do.  Especially yesterday when I was brought to near tears listening to Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor.  It was that beautiful.

I am not a crafty mom.  I don't have an elaborate plan or schedule.  Some days I struggle with feeling inadequate like most home school moms I'm sure.  But I do so enjoy bringing beautiful things to my children for their eyes and ears to feast on.

This month in addition to our regular morning time routine we are working through the hymn book, singing familiar Christmas hymns and learning new ones.  We are reading Christmas stories and poems from this book.  We are also going to be going through 25 days of Christmas with Handel's Messiah.  This is right up my alley so I was so glad to happen upon it today.

Hopefully I can find time to update again sooner rather than later since my poor mother reports that she misses us.  :)  Now back to Frodo...


  1. Thanks, dear daughter. I am enriched (no longer "poor")!
    Love you and yours.

  2. Claire looks so much like Aidan! I mean, they all look like Lindsay's, but in that b-day pic, I really see her big brother! Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas to you all.

  3. I was beginning to wonder what happened to you! Then I thought--what is your(meaning myself) problem? The lady is very busy!!! I loved the picture of the children singing in the choir. It must have been beautiful. I love your giving your children the opportunity to learn Handel's Messiah. I am amazed every time I listen to it. Thank you for the update.


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