Friday, November 2, 2012

The storm

After being without power since Monday night it sure is nice to be back to normal as of this afternoon.  We were so excited to see the power company (all the way from New Orleans) drive their four bucket trucks down our street this afternoon to fix the line affecting our street.  My mother-in-law was so happy she went out to give one of the crewmen a hug.  :)  Can you imagine trying to run a tree company after this crazy storm with no electricity and no normal phone service?!  It would have been insane normally with electricity but this was just crazy!
The offending tree of the neighbors.

Of course if you live anywhere on the path of hurricane Sandy you know how bad it was, but we never would have expected to have lost the trees we did.  Thankfully none of them fell toward the house.  After watching two different trees go down we could tell which direction they would most likely fall and figured where the safest place to sleep was.
We heard this big maple in our front yard go down around 9:30pm when we were in bed.  It wasn't that loud, but we knew something had happened and when we looked out the window were shocked to see it had gone down.  It had been right outside our bedroom window.  Needless to say, I hardly slept the rest of the night knowing that there was still another maple on the other side of the bedroom.
We didn't lose that other maple but we did lose this big cedar tree that Christian liked so much.  I'm not sure why, but I guess he's sentimental about it. 
Same tree, different angle.
The neighbors lost two of these huge Norway Spruce trees.  They could have fallen on the pool or the neighbor's house, but thank the Lord they didn't.
Our fence was blown apart.  Not a big deal but it still adds to the look.  :)

Living without electricity wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  It was like camping really, but really better actually.  We had the wood-stove for warmth and we still had our beds.  We had saved water in buckets for drinking and dishes, and Christian's dad had tons of rain water collected that we used to flush toilets.
 Granted, continually having to get buckets of water to flush the toilet got a little tiring, but at least we had water to do that.  It certainly could have been worse and for many people it was.
Buckets for drinking water and dish washing.
And then their were the buckets for collecting drips from the leaky ceiling.  We were bummed to see the ceiling still leaked after we thought we finally had it fixed. Oh the joys of an old house!
 Of course we had to empty out the fridge after day one.  Some stuff went to a friends house and some stuff we kept outside in a cooler.
And then there were the romantic candle-lit dinners.
The kids thought this was great fun!
The kids also thought it was fun to camp out in the living room on the pull-out couch and floor.  They weren't used to no night lights in their rooms so sleeping altogether downstairs made it a lot easier on them.  We all got a lot of sleep, since when the sun goes down and you don't have electric there isn't much to do except go to bed!

Before you feel too bad for us I must tell you that I spent a good deal of time at my friend Sarah's house down the road for showers, baths, laundry, coffee and food.  It certainly would have been a lot more difficult had we not been able to do that.  I mean I like camping, but after two days without a shower I get grumpy.  :)  Thanks again Sarah!

I am just so thankful as well that no one was hurt and there was no major damage.  My good friend had a tree go right through their kitchen.  Thankfully no one was hurt there, but it sure will be a major inconvenience getting that fixed.  Christian has been seeing all kinds of stuff as he is out there cleaning up all the damage.  So many people had trees on their houses or cars so we are thankful we didn't have that situation.


  1. Wow That was scary!! But we are glad you did not have any major damage.

  2. So thankful that your family and your house were protected. I wouldn't have slept much after that big maple went down either. Wow!

    Our cousins in Bethlehem, PA have been without power all week, as well.

    Glad you all were able to enjoy a little "camping". We always have fun for a night or two as well. But, thankful that you had friends down the street that could provide a few of the nice "comforts" like showers and cooking.

    I launched a new ministry blog this week: . Hope you will pop over to be encouraged.

    May your weekend be BLESSED!

    mama of 12

  3. I wondered how you guys were doing; I'm so that those huge trees didn't hit your house! We did the same thing with figuring out the safest place to sleep. I was still nervous, though. I'm glad you got your power back. Love the candlelight pictures and the one of the kids sleeping!

  4. We loved having you guys spend time down here this week and the kids are secretly bummed that your power came back on. :) So thankful for God's protection over your house!

  5. I'm wondering if Ocean City still looks like your header picture.

  6. Oh that's a sad thought Mom. :(

  7. Just now looking at your blog - wow, had no idea you guys had so many trees go down! Looks like you had "fun" anyway!

  8. Hope you have all recovered from the devastation this has left you. And it was really nice that a whole batch of trucks arrived just when you needed them to fix the power lines and stuff. Some tasks do really need a bit more heavy equipment to get done, especially something as delicate and dangerous as elevated cables.

    Bucket Trucks

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