Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kitchen Makeover

Our kitchen has been in need of some help for a while now but we hesitated starting because we felt like if we couldn't fix all of it, it wasn't worth fixing any of it.  Well, the fact that our floor was peeling up in several places and we still hadn't fixed the ceiling that had fallen down from a leaking toilet 3 years ago made us decide that we needed to do something.

I forgot to take a "before" picture of the floor so I had to go waaaaay back in the archives to find one.  This is Asher last Christmas and it is the best picture I could find and even this one hardly shows any of the floor, but it`s better than nothing.
This was the cheapest, easiest floor we could manage to get when we put it in 6 years ago.  We figured it was better than the carpet that was in the kitchen.  Yes, carpet.  Yes, gross.

So we decided to continue with the same flooring that we had in the dining room.  Our favorite, durable, reasonably priced, easy to install Allure, vinyl flooring.
I like it.  I think it suits the old house.  We had looked into getting the floor tiled, but it is so uneven it would have taken a lot of work and a lot of time and expense that we weren't willing to put out.

Next job was the ceiling.  I don't have any pictures of the ceiling before except of the following ones where Christian and my Dad are working on it.  I always strategically angled my camera in the kitchen so you couldn't see the ceiling.  I am really good at making the house look better in pictures than it is in real life.  Ha!

So my Mom and Dad came up on New Years day to help with this major project.
Oh my, the mess!

My Mom did what she does best and that was read to the kids.

Claire did what she does best and that was look cute.

All the drywall is now up and spackling and sanding is waiting to be finished.  Lord have mercy!  I think we are going to try using a drywall vacuum sander in hopes that it will keep the mess at bay.

I know I have promised pictures of the finished girls room so I finally got around to taking some pictures.  My amazingly talented sister-in-law spent a large amount of time up there working on this....
So cool huh!  We are planning on adding a bean bag and the "reading nook" will be complete.
Typical Naomi.  I can hardly get a normal smile out of this girl.  

The girls LOVE their new room and do a great job keeping it clean and organized.  I'm so proud of them!


  1. Nice! I did my whole living, dining, and bedroom in Allure vinyl flooring. I was able to do it by myself while my husband was at work! I may end up putting it in my kitchen, too, since there's a big tear in the linoleum now.

  2. everything looks great! I LOVE the girls room!

  3. Wow, so you finally got around to the kitchen! The floor looks great! And I think anything you do will improve the ceiling :) The girls' room is quite a work of art as well. I'm sure they are loving it. Hope to see all the finished projects next time we're in town :)


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